Take the dairy-free pledge!

Take action Take the dairy-free pledge!

Take the pledge to stay dairy-free and be in to win a year’s supply of Otis oat milk!


By signing up to the Dairy-Free Pledge, after completing the Dairy-Free Challenge, you’ll go in the draw to win a year’s supply of Otis Oat milk delivered to your door!

Terms and conditions: Competition ends 11.59pm 30 November 2020. Entrants must have registered for the Dairy-Free Challenge during October and November 2020 and register for the dairy-free pledge and have a New Zealand postal address to be eligible to win. Winner will be chosen at random on 08 January 2021 and notified shortly thereafter by email, whereupon a postal address for delivery of prizes will be requested. Prize is a year’s supply of Otis Oat milk, delivered monthly (12 cartons per month.)

Why take the pledge?

If you’ve already taken the Dairy-Free Challenge, you probably don’t need convincing that going dairy-free is a great move for the animals, our planet and your health! So why take the pledge?

By taking the dairy-free pledge, you’re making a personal commitment to make it a habit. Whether you’re taking it a few months at a time or ready to lock it in for life, the pledge is a reminder of your willingness to do your best, create long-lasting habits and continue learning. You’ve got this!

Win a year’s supply of Otis oat milk!

Take the pledge to stay dairy-free and you’ll be in entered into the prize draw to win a year’s supply of Otis oat milk delivered to your door! (New Zealand only)
Imagine not having to buy your plant milk at the supermarket for a whole year!
We love this product and not just because it’s yummy. Oats are a superfood and oat milk is one of the most environmentally-friendly milks to make, due to its low water requirement. Otis oat M!lk (no, that's not a typo!) is made with oats grown in Southland Otago, so you can enjoy this tasty plant milk while supporting Kiwi crop farmers and a great little Kiwi business.

Thank you from the cows!

If cows could say thank you for going dairy-free, they would. They would say thank you for embracing delicious plant-based alternatives and for choosing kinder alternatives to dairy. They would thank you for taking a stand against cruelty and for acknowledging that calves belong with their mums. If they could, the cows would say “Mooove over, dairy!”

Ready to go all the way?

So you’ve gone dairy-free. Congratulations!
Thinking about giving plant-based a go? It’s easier than you think when you have support, knowledge and great recipes! The Plant-Based Challenge is an email series that helps people make an easy transition to a kinder, heathier way of eating. Throughout the email series you’ll discover delicious meat-free recipes, learn about the best plant-based takeaways and find out about new exciting vegan products. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the Plant-Based Challenge today!

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