Take action Wyndham cage-egg cruelty

Demand that Wyndham Hotel Group follows through with its cage-free commitment!

SAFE has joined over 55 international animal protection organizations in launching a global campaign against Wyndham Hotel Group.

In 2017, Wyndham Hotel Group published a global cage-free egg commitment pledging to phase out the use of cage eggs across all of its hotels and brands by 2025.

It has come to the attention of animal protection organisations worldwide that the hotel company has quietly removed all traces of its cage-free policy without explanation. Dozens of organisations, including SAFE, have reached out to Wyndham asking why its global cage-free commitment has mysteriously disappeared, Wyndham refuses to respond.

It appears Wyndham has shamefully broken its commitment to ditching cruel cage eggs.

The major hotel company boasts 20 brands in 8,400 locations across 80 countries. Ten of Wyndham’s hotels, many of which operate under the brand Ramada, can be found here in New Zealand. It is completely unacceptable for this industry leader to brush its corporate responsibilities under the rug. Kiwis will not stand by and let Wyndham continue to profit from the unbearable suffering endured by caged hens.

There’s no excuse for animal cruelty!

A caged hen will spend her life inside a cramped wire cage where she is unable to perform the most basic of natural behaviors. With a living space little more than the size of an A4 piece of paper, she cannot move around freely, properly flap her wings, feel the earth under her feet or breath fresh air.

She will stand on sloped metal bars, in a crowded cage filled with other frustrated hens until she is ‘spent’ and can no longer lay enough eggs to be of value to the farmer.

A short life of suffering is all a caged hen will ever know.

What can I do?

In 2017, Wyndham was proud of its cage-free egg commitment and welcomed the positive press which circulated after its announcement. It is beyond disappointing to see the hotel company choose to shamefully hide from its commitment in order to continue serving cheap and cruel eggs to its customers.

If we don’t do anything, millions of hens will continue to suffer in cages around the world because of Wyndham’s greed. We won’t let that happen!

Sign our petition demanding that Wyndham follows through with its cage-free commitment and sign up to SAFE’s Animal Action Network to receive today’s cage-free online action!

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