Taranaki residents against live-animal exports

Taranaki residents against live-animal exports

Email Taranaki Regional Council

What must it be like for a cow that has only known green pastures and open skies to spend weeks confined below deck on board a ship, with only unfamiliar, unnatural food, potentially being thrown around in rough seas? It’s certainly something that would be condemned by caring Kiwis.

At the start of this year, live-export ships began taking Taranaki cows overseas. These cows have been exported in their thousands, and all are likely to end up spending the rest of their lives in concrete factory farms, never to stand on grass again. When no longer deemed profitable, they’ll be killed, most likely by methods so cruel they would be illegal in New Zealand..

The Taranaki Regional Council is the sole shareholder of Port Taranaki and they elect two of their councillors to be directors on Port Taranaki’s board.  It is, therefore, your regional councillors that have made the decision to get involved in the live-export trade. This is a trade that is currently being reviewed by the government. The Minister for Primary Industries, Damien O’Connor, has already expressed his support for a conditional ban on livestock exports.

Unfortunately, your elected officials have decided to put profit before animal welfare and open their port to this appalling trade. However, this also means that Taranaki Regional Councillors have the power to stop live export for good.


Write a polite email to Taranaki Regional Council officials telling them why you want them to urgently stop live-animal exports from Port Taranaki.


Key points you can make:

  • I am a Taranaki resident and someone who cares about animal welfare.
  • Live export is cruel and unnecessary. It puts the animals at risk on the journey and leaves them to suffer an unknown future at their destination.
  • Like most countries New Zealand animals are exported to, China has lower standards of animal welfare, transport and slaughter than we have here.
  • Over 8,000 cows have already been exported to China from Taranaki, with more than 4,000 animals intended for the April shipment.
  • These cows are being exported to expand and strengthen China’s dairy industry.
  • It is appalling that these cows will most likely be confined for life in a concrete factory farm and then be killed while fully conscious.
  • The Taranaki Regional Council is the sole shareholder of Port Taranaki. As a Council representative, it is in your power to help stop this unnecessary trade in animals on behalf of the people of your region.
  • The revenue from live exports from Port Taranaki is not worth the cost to these animals.
  • I would like you to represent my views and use your power to stop any more live-export shipments from Port Taranaki.


This email will be sent to:

David McLeod, Chair, Taranaki Regional Council and Director of Port Taranaki
Charlotte Littlewood, New Plymouth Constituency and Director of Port Taranaki
Stephen Hall, Director of Operations, Taranaki Regional Council

Emails are public information. If you would like to withhold any of your information, please say so in your email.

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