Write a Letter!

If you use a range of products by a company that is not listed on SAFEshopper please use the letter below to ask them what is their policy on animal testing. If they can assure you they are not testing on animals then it is likely they will be entitled to appear on the our SAFE Shopper guide which is free, as long as they meet our strict criteria. 

Copy and paste the following letter into your email. Please feel free to change to give a personal touch.


To whom it may concern

I enjoy your products and hope to continue to purchase them in the future. However, as a concerned consumer, I would like to know your policy on the use of animals in product testing.

Do you currently conduct or commission any animal testing for your personal and/or household products?

Do you have an agreement with your suppliers regarding ingredient testing on animals?

If you are sure your company is not involved in animal testing I encourage you to apply to be listed in the online SAFEshopper guide, produced by the national animal advocacy organisation SAFE, which features products not tested on animals. In doing so, you will assure me and other concerned consumers that your products are truly free of animal testing.

To find out more about the SAFEshopper guide please visit www.safe.org.nz.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this important matter. I look forward to your reply.