News Blog Articles Wyndham Hotel group commits to cage-egg free globally

Wyndham Hotel group commits to cage-egg free globally

October 26th, 2017

Largest hotel chain in the world makes groundbreaking commitment to eliminate cages from its egg supply chain.

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation has announced a monumental global  cage-free policy for all of its hotels’ and resorts’ supply chain. This  latest announcement is part of a worldwide movement to free hens from  cages. SAFE worked with The Humane League and other members of the  global coalition, the Open Wing Alliance (OWA), to enable this positive  global commitment.

“The commitment will transition all of the company’s 8,100 hotels to  source 100% cage-free eggs by 2025, a positive step for hens worldwide,”  says SAFE Campaigns Director, Mandy Carter. “This is one of the  farthest-reaching international commitments to eliminate cages from the  egg industry in terms of its geographical scope.”

As the largest hotel chain in the world, Wyndham’s commitment will  impact its locations in 66 different countries on six continents. In New  Zealand Wyndham currently has ten hotels, with plans to expand.

By law, conventional battery cages must be removed by egg producers  by 2022. However, the NZ egg industry was set to replace these cages  with equally cruel colony cages. Egg-laying hens are crammed into wire  cages and are only given space about the size of an iPad on which to  live their entire lives. The cages prevent hens from exercising many of  their natural behaviours including fully stretching their wings and  dustbathing.

Wyndham joins other companies in New Zealand, including Wendy’s, Pita  Pit, McDonald’s, Burger King and supermarket giants Countdown and  Foodstuffs who have either ended their use of cage eggs or committed to a  specific phase-out date. The decision of these NZ food retailers will  lead to a drop of around 50 percent of cage egg production.

Wyndham Worldwide’s global cage-free announcement comes amidst the Open Wing Alliance’s success  in asking companies to listen to concerned consumers and go cage-free,  enabling a wave of companies worldwide to announce plans to convert  exclusively to cage-free eggs in a variety of industries, including  global policies from General Mills, InterContinental Hotels Group,  Compass Group,  PepsiCo and Mondelez International.

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