“I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us.
Pigs treat us as equals.”

Winston Churchill

Most of the bacon, ham and pork eaten by New Zealanders comes from pigs kept in cruel, intensive, production systems.

Scientific research shows that these systems do not allow pigs to fully satisfy their behavior needs, leading to stress and physical and mental illnesses.

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Pig Welfare

Most pigs farmed in New Zealand are confined indoors at high densities, with the goal of producing large volumes of cheap meat. The pigs, however, pay the price as they attempt to cope with the artificial conditions, unnatural social groups and stressful farming practices.

Pig housing

Intensive pig farms confine pigs to large, windowless sheds for their entire lives. Factory farmed pigs and breeding sows are kept indoors in three main types of intensive confinement. All three types of confinement used in New Zealand are extremely cruel.


A boar is defined as an un-castrated pig over 9 months of age. They are kept on pig farms for breeding or to encourage the sows to become ready to mate. Like their female counterparts, the boars confined on factory farms suffer greatly.

Free range pigs

Compared to factory farming, free-range pigs do have richer lives. However, their lives are still cut dramatically short and husbandry practices can be stressful and painful.

Pig facts

Pigs are highly intelligent and curious. Research shows that pigs dream, have long memories, respond to names given to them by people (as do dogs), can solve mazes and other puzzles, and like to play just for fun.

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