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In the wake of a human and animal welfare disaster last week when nearly 6,000 cows were killed and 42 crew members are dead or missing when the ship Gulf Livestock 1 sunk, one thing is clear, we must end the brutal, dirty live export trade once and for all.

It’s time
to put the chicken
before the egg

Your actions can make a huge difference for the millions of hens living life in cramped, unnatural conditions on intensive farms. Whether you have an evening to spare or just five minutes, sign up and speak out for hens in New Zealand.

Te kaupapa – He Aotearoa e whakarite ana kia pūmau ngā motika kararehe

Our vision –
An ethical Aotearoa New Zealand
that ensures rights of animals

SAFE educates, informs and empowers people
to make cruelty-free, plant-based and vegan choices.

A better world for animals

Our vision for the future

We can't go back to the way things were. Too much has changed. We can create a future-forward, robust economy that considers the wellbeing of all who call New Zealand home.

Putting animals first for over 80 years

You’ll find us everywhere – from farms to the Beehive, from the High Court to the classroom, from television news to social media – working to ensure the concerns of animals are the concerns of the nation.

Animals in Aotearoa

Support our current campaigns to help animals

The scale of suffering faced by animals in New Zealand, particularly farmed animals, is immense - but we are driving positive change at an immense scale too. Stand with us as we demand change for animals in Aotearoa.

Hens kept in cages

Nearly 3 million hens need us to free them from a life spent crammed inside cruel wire cages.

Live export

In 2003, we achieved a ban on the live export of animals for slaughter. It is time to end live export for good.


Many people don't know that every summer around 30 rodeos are held in New Zealand, bullying animals for the entertainment of a minority.

Chickens bred for meat

125 million chickens are bred to grow so explosively, their lives are full of suffering.

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It is our commitment to you that your gift will have a direct and enduring impact on the lives of New Zealand’s animals.

Horrific conditions on missing live export ship revealed

The Gulf Livestock 1 issued a distress signal at 4.45am on the 2nd September (NZT) from the East China Sea, an area effected by Typhoon Maysak. The ship had left Napier on 14th August, and was carrying 5,700 cows and 43 crew members, including two New Zealanders. At 4pm a...

Meat the next family – Reality TV continues to disappoint

Last week on TVNZ’s Meat the Family, we watched in horror as a UK family of four cared for chickens as pets for three weeks before they were forced to make a tough decision – commit to vegetarianism to save the chickens’ lives or send them to the slaughterhouse and...

Getting animals on the agenda this election

Animal issues have fallen off the political radar in 2020, and there is no sign that any of the political parties are focused on making positive and significant improvements to animals’ lives. Colony cages will therefore only be banned after the election if animal activists step up to carry out...
Eat with kindness

Plants! Plants! Plants!

Sign up for the Plant-Based Challenge! Eating a plant-based diet is the most important thing you can do to help animals. It's a simple switch, but it makes a big difference. We bet you’ll find it tastier and easier than you ever imagined!

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