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World Animal Protection joins SAFE’s call for a Commissioner for Animals in Aotearoa

SAFE’s petition calling for a Commissioner for Animals in Aotearoa has attained thousands of signatures since its launch on 3 May 2022. The petition highlights the need for an independent voice for animals at the highest level and is supported by animal groups across the country. Read more

Agriculture gets a free pass in ERP – SAFE For Animals

The Government has announced no meaningful plan to reduce emissions in agriculture, instead opting to invest in more research projects. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has previously stated that climate change is “one of the greatest challenges of our time” and that we must “act with urgency”. Read more

Greyhound is killed after suffering a ‘catastrophic’ racing injury in Christchurch

On Tuesday, following a race at Addington Raceway, greyhound ‘Epic Addi’ was found to have a displaced compound fracture of the right fore ulna and radius, with soft tissue damage up to the elbow joint. Eight greyhounds have died on racetracks to date this season, with five of the eight...