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Try plant-based for Veganuary!

We Kiwis are pretty laid back. We’re way too busy having fun at the beach to start our New Year’s resolutions on 1 Jan! That’s why we’re a little late to the Veganuary party. But that’s okay, because here in Aotearoa, we’re extending our Veganuary celebrations right through February. And...

A conversation with Aaron Cross from the Greyhound Protection League

Will Appelbe sits down with Aaron Cross from the Greyhound Protection League. Aaron has been a fierce advocate for greyhounds for over a decade, speaking truth to power and holding the racing industry accountable for its appalling treatment of dogs.

In-ovo sexing technologies could spare millions of chicks – if New Zealand follows Germany’s lead

On Wednesday, Germany’s Cabinet approved legislation that will prohibit the practice of killing newly hatched male chicks from 1 January next year. Instead, Germany will use in-ovo gender technology, which enables egg producers to test the sex of embryos inside the egg during the early stages of incubation. Read more