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Intensive Winter Grazing harms much more than our clean, green Aotearoa

In winter 2019, shocking images of cows up to their knees in mud, unable to lie down and rest, were in the media. Aerial footage revealed extensive environmental degradation in parts of Otago and Southland.  A Southland kindergarten was even forced to close when runoff from a nearby farm washed...

COVID-19 outbreak on a live export ship – SAFE NZ

While New Zealand is gearing up to lift a temporary ban on live exports, 25 crew have tested positive for COVID-19 on the livestock carrier Al Messilah, which is docked at Fremantle Port in Western Australia. The ship, which was due to be loading animals for export, has been delayed...

Jacinda Ardern has a mandate to end the caging of hens – SAFE

Animal rights organisation SAFE has big expectations around colony cages for the next Labour government. SAFE CEO Debra Ashton said with a majority of the seats in Parliament, Labour can make quick progress on animal welfare. “Labour can really get things done now, like fulfilling some broken promises on animal...