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There is nothing ‘Kiwi’ about rodeo



In New Zealand, when we think of the great Kiwi summer, we think of getting outdoors, swimming in the ocean, and spending time with loved ones in the endless sunshine.

However this year, like many other years, some families will be heading to the rodeo.

Can you believe this still exists in New Zealand?

Give to SAFE’s campaign

Give to SAFE’s campaign to demand a ban on the cruellest activities in rodeo.

Let’s make this New Zealand’s last rodeo season.

Before the last election, more than 62,000 caring people just like you told the Government they wanted a complete ban on rodeo. Before they were elected, Labour promised to ban the cruellest activities in rodeo, but they have failed to keep their promise. Barbaric rodeo events continue to take place all over the country every summer for the entertainment of a small group of people.

Contact NAWAC now and demand a better future for rodeo animals – ask for a ban on the cruellest activities in rodeo.

Take action

Email National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) asking it to modify the Rodeo Code of Welfare to prohibit the use of calves under 12 months old in rodeo.

Writing tips

  • Rodeos subject animals to fear, stress, risk of injury and death – all for the sake of ‘entertainment.’
  • Young calves are especially at risk when forced into roping and riding events at rodeos.
  • NAWAC itself has expressed “serious concerns” that calf roping has “substantial negative impacts” on the baby animals being used.
  • Both the Labour Party and the Green Party made pre-election pledges to stop calves from being used in the rodeo.
  • Calf roping has already been banned in Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory on animal welfare grounds. It is time for New Zealand to stop the abuse of these baby animals.
  • It is already recommended best practice in the Rodeo Code of Welfare to not use calves in rodeo events.
  • Ask that the Rodeo Code of Welfare be modified to prohibit the use of calves in roping and riding events.

Ban calves in rodeo

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Stop the abuse of baby animals in rodeo events

The use of calves is one of the cruellest aspects of rodeo.

In calf roping or ‘rope and tie’, calves as young as three months old are chased at high speed, dragged to a sudden stop with a choking rope around the neck and thrown to the ground. This is a horrific experience causing stress, fear and pain.

Calf riding is an event where these baby animals are ridden by children. An irritating flank strap, which makes them buck, is wrenched tight around their hindquarters before they are forced into the ring.

The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC), who advises the Government on animal welfare issues and policy, has repeatedly spoken out against the use of calves in rodeo, most recently in its 2018 Rodeo 5 Domains Workshop Report.

Together we can end this cruelty in New Zealand.

Give to SAFE’s campaign

The rodeo community are already mobilising and speaking with their MPs so they can ‘play cowboy’ at the expense of sensitive animals. Animals forced to take part in rodeo need your help now to remind caring people that there’s nothing Kiwi about rodeo.

Give to SAFE’s campaign asking all Kiwis to contact NAWAC and demand a ban on the cruellest activities in rodeo.

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