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We’re Kiwis, not ‘cowboys’

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In New Zealand, when we think of the great Kiwi summer, we think of getting outdoors, swimming in the ocean, and spending time with loved ones in the endless sunshine.

However this year, like many other years, some families will be heading to the rodeo.

Can you believe this still exists in New Zealand?

Give to SAFE’s campaign

Give to SAFE’s campaign to demand a ban on the cruellest activities in rodeo.

This summer, remind Kiwis to give rodeo a miss

Before the 2017 election, more than 62,000 caring people just like you told the Government they wanted a complete ban on rodeo. At that time the Labour Party promised they would ban the cruellest practices in rodeo. But, since being elected to Government, they have failed to keep their promise.

With the success of Labour in this year’s election, it’s time to ban rodeos for good.

Demand an end to the worst practices of rodeo

We are calling on the Associate Minister of Agriculture (Animal Welfare) Hon Meka Whaitiri to prohibit the use of bucking (flank) straps, electric prods, tail twisting, spurs, animal wrestling, team roping and the use of calves under 12 months old in rodeo events. Please sign and share the petition to end rodeo cruelty.

Give to SAFE’s campaign

The rodeo community are already mobilising and speaking with their MPs so they can ‘play cowboy’ at the expense of sensitive animals. Animals forced to take part in rodeo need your help now to remind caring people that there’s nothing Kiwi about rodeo.

Give to SAFE’s campaign asking all Kiwis to sign the petition to demand a ban on the worst activities in rodeo.

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