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Greyhound racing begins as a gamble and for most dogs ends in tragedy.

Animals suffer and die in the New Zealand greyhound racing industry. Dogs are injured on the track and often killed, as their injuries will prevent them from racing again. An even larger number of healthy greyhounds are killed simply because they do not run fast enough, and therefore do not provide a financial return.

In December 2017, news broke of an ongoing investigation by the SPCA into live baiting in New Zealand. Live baiting involves live animals being used as lures to be chased and ripped apart by the dogs. A week later, the New Zealand Racing Board released a report on welfare issues in the greyhound racing industry, that highlighted many areas of concern.

Racing Minister Winston Peters described the report’s findings as “disturbing and deeply disappointing” and said the rates of dog deaths and low numbers of dogs rehomed are “simply unacceptable”. The report has a long list of recommendations for the industry, as did the previous one that was published in 2013. The greyhound racing industry failed to follow through then on changes to protect the dogs, and we can’t trust them to act any differently in response to the recent report.

New Zealand is one of only eight countries in the world that still carry out commercial greyhound racing. A ban in the ACT, Australia, came into force in April 2018, followed by a ban in Florida, USA, in November 2018. Since Florida is home to 11 out of the USA’s 17 active dog tracks, this is a signal of an end to dog racing in that country. New Zealand is falling behind and our Government needs to take action.

Urge Racing Minster Winston Peters to end greyhound racing.

Urge the Government to ban greyhound racing in New Zealand

Write a polite email to the Racing Minister about why you want an end to greyhound racing.

Key points you can make:

  • Greyhound racing puts dogs’ lives at risk and while others are discarded as not fast enough to be profitable for racing.
  • Many dogs sustain injuries considered ‘career-ending’ in an industry that has no use for animals no longer able to run. Some may be euthanised, whilst some die from their injuries.
  • Injuries and deaths in greyhound racing are not ‘accidents’, as they are a predictable result of racing.
  • An even larger number of healthy dogs are killed simply because they do not run fast enough, and therefore do not provide a financial return. This is unacceptable.
  • No animals should suffer for profit or entertainment.
  • Only eight countries in the world still have commercial greyhound racing. In Australia, The ACT banned greyhound racing in May 2018, while Florida in the USA banned it in November 2018.
  • New Zealand is falling behind and putting our international reputation at risk.
  • I ask you to urgently take action to end greyhound racing.

This email will be sent directly to Racing Minster Winston Peters. Emails are public information, if you would like to withhold any of your information please write so in your email.

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