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Moving away from dairy is a choice that benefits animals, our planet and our health. There’s never been a better time to go dairy-free. Whether you’re looking for tips on the best plant-based cheese or ice cream or on the lookout for new dairy-free recipe ideas, we’ve got you covered!

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Getting started

If you’re new to dairy-free, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a dairy-free version of almost everything! From cheese to ice cream and even white chocolate. Check out our dairy swaps page. It’s packed with tasty dairy-free alternatives that you can buy right here in Aotearoa. From budget-friendly supermarket brands to something a little bit fancier.

For the animals

Cows in New Zealand face many welfare issues. Dairy cows are repeatedly impregnated so that humans can consume their milk, only to have their babies taken away and killed.
Cows selected for live export are usually taken from green pastures in New Zealand. They are sometimes shipped while pregnant, confined to small pens. They travel across the Pacific Ocean, where they can be thrown around in rough seas. Once the journey is over, they may be taken to concrete intensive farms to give birth, where they may be kept for years to be milked.
Sadly, cows are not the only species exploited for milk. In New Zealand, goats are farmed for milk, meat and fibres. Almost 170,000 goats were killed in New Zealand in 2019.

For your health

Studies have repeatedly shown that eating and drinking dairy products has been linked to heart disease, obesity and even cancer. According to Dr Neil Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, taking dairy off your plate can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes and cut the chances of being diagnosed with certain cancers by more than 70%.

Calcium, protein and iron are abundant in plants. It's easy to nourish your body with plants once you know how!

For our planet

Animal farming is the leading cause of deforestation around the world. Over 50% of New Zealand's landmass has been cleared to farm animals. Many areas are intensively farmed, resulting in significant pollution of our fresh waterways.
Our planet has been severely impacted through the modification of natural ecosystems, the compaction of land, pollution of waterways and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Delicious dairy-free recipes

Vegan cheese and spinach pie
Pumpkin and sage risotto
Cheese sauce
Cream cheese and carrot 'salmon' bagels
Cashew ice cream
Whipped cream
New York-style cheesecake
Chocolate mousse

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