The best way to help animals

Eat Kind

Imagine if you could make a difference for animals every single day. You don’t even have to do anything extraordinary. Every meal is a chance to make a difference. It’s as simple as what you choose to eat! And, it isn’t about missing out; it’s about adding compassion.

Over 100 million animals are slaughtered for food every year in New Zealand.

By keeping animal products off your plate you’re helping to save lives, protecting the planet, and it’s a healthier lifestyle for you, too!

Not sure it’s for you? Challenge yourself to try it out. By signing up, you’ll receive six weeks of supportive emails and tips and tricks to help you along the way. Our Plant-Based Starter Guide has everything you need to know to start living a happy, healthy life without harming others. You can also order any Eat Kind resources for yourself, family and friends, or your workplace here.

Dining out

Don’t feel confined to your kitchen. There are lots of great places out there that can make you a delicious cruelty-free meal.

Most cafes and restaurants offer options without animal products and the few that don’t are generally happy to cater for different dietary needs even if these options do not appear on the menu.

Why eat plant-based?

For the animals

Every meal is a statement of our values and a chance to create the world we want to live in.

For your health

The biggest killer in New Zealand isn’t smoking, drugs or car accidents. It’s heart disease...

For our planet

Farming animals is ruining New Zealand’s clean, green image.

Take the Plant-Based Challenge

One of the best ways to help animals is to keep them off your plate. Challenge yourself (and a mate!) and you’ll get regular emails to help you along the way with free recipes, advice on nutrition and eating out.

Make a difference, one meal at a time

Get ready to change the world. Think that sounds huge? It is. Changing your diet not only saves countless animals’ lives, it’s also the best way to protect the environment. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to live a long, happy, healthy life!

The best part is: it’s totally easy. It’s amazing how many foods don’t contain meat, dairy, or eggs! And, you’re not alone. Thousands of Kiwis are opening their hearts and embracing an animal-friendly diet. You can order any Eat Kind resources for yourself, family and friends, or your workplace by filling out our order form!

Eat Kind

Begin by replacing or skipping the meat in your favourite dishes. Have spaghetti with tomato sauce, replace the beef in your burritos with beans and rice, add veggies rather than meat to your homemade pizza or pop a veggie burger on the grill for your weekend BBQ.


Explore the world

Try foods that are popular in other countries, like hummus (a delicious spread made from chickpeas), falafel (patties made from a mix of beans), Japanese veggie sushi, Thai curries (without the fish sauce), Indian samosas, Chinese dumplings, Mexican-style bean and rice dishes, and much, much more!


Connect with others

A great way to stay motivated is to connect with other like-minded people: attend public lectures, join a vegetarian dining group, or read up on the subjects that inspired you to ditch animal products in the first place. Volunteering for SAFE is a rewarding way to get involved in animal advocacy and meet other compassionate people.


Have fun!

Challenge yourself. Try new foods. Step outside your comfort zone and think of it as an adventure. By eating kind you’ll soon feel great about the positive impact you’re making for yourself, animals and the planet.


Do good, feel great

Staying healthy is easy. Everything your body needs to survive and flourish is provided straight from the earth. To learn more, check out our section on health.

Eat Kind

Take the Plant-Based Challenge

Not sure it's for you? Challenge yourself to try it out. By signing up, you'll receive six weeks of supportive emails and tips and tricks to help you along the way.

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Help us continue helping animals in need.

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