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Eating kinder

Aotearoa New Zealand is a nation of animal lovers. The scale of suffering faced by animals, particularly farmed animals, is however immense.


Choosing to eat a plant-based, vegan diet is the best way to create a kinder Aotearoa for animals. Every meal is a chance to put our values into action and for us to help create a world in which we want to live.


Chickens are inquisitive animals who love to scratch and graze on fresh grass and stretch out their wings to bask in the sun.
But the sad reality for the millions of chickens raised for meat in New Zealand is that bred to grow explosively fast they suffer severe health problems.
Many Kiwis are choosing to create change for chickens in Aotearoa by swapping to kinder options at mealtimes.


Calves form strong bonds with their mothers, yet every year in New Zealand over four million calves are separated from their mothers shortly after birth. Humans will instead consume the milk intended to nourish and sustain these calves. Two million calves are killed within the first week of their lives, the ‘waste products’ of the dairy industry.
Today more and more Kiwis are making the most of the delicious dairy-free options now widely available and creating a kinder Aotearoa for calves.


Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals. The mental and physical suffering that they endure in intensive production systems is immense. That’s why we’re working to create change for pigs in Aotearoa. In February 2019, SAFE and the New Zealand Animal Law Association (NZALA) took historic action by filing legal proceedings against the Government for allowing the continued use of farrowing crates in violation of the Animal Welfare Act 1999.


Like all animals, hens deserve kindness, compassion and the freedom to live a life worth living. These intelligent, curious and socially complex animals love to spend their days outdoors, scratching at the ground, searching for food, dust bathing, enjoying stretching their wings and sunbathing. However, the majority of eggs eaten in New Zealand are laid by hens confined to cramped wire cages. Kiwis want to see hens freed from cages, and we’re starting to see incredible changes for hens across Aotearoa.


Fish are intelligent, sentient animals who feel emotions. They display complex social behaviours and feel pain. They suffer when kept in fish farms and when caught in the wild. Both of these practices also contribute to environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. Thankfully there are some fantastic ways to swap out fish in your meals!

Get started on your journey to kinder eating

Delicious plant-based recipes

There are so many delicious ways to eat plant-based versions of your favourite meals. Whether it’s lentil bolognese, pulled jackfruit tacos, spicy bean burritos or homemade black bean burgers, there has never been a more taste bud-tempting time to try eating with kindness!

Easy animal-friendly swaps

Choosing from the huge variety of plant-based products opens up the doors to a whole new world of flavour. Now you can let your values inform your food choices, with a heap of easy ways to switch from meat, eggs and dairy. We’ve put together a shortlist of our favourites, but the best thing to do is to experiment and find alternatives that you enjoy!

Plant-based on a budget

Thankfully you don’t have to be a master chef to create mouth-watering plant-based dishes. With just a few simple steps and easy-to-find ingredients, you can serve up meals that will have your friends and family begging for more.

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