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Human-Animal Studies

Humane Education

Humane educators inspire people to live examined, intentional lives so that what they do today helps the planet, animals and all people tomorrow.

Skills and Knowledge

The multidisciplinary nature of animal studies means that it has applications in many of the subject areas important to New Zealand secondary students.

Animals & Us combines two major trends that have become increasingly widespread and accepted in secondary and tertiary teaching throughout the world.

Schools and universities around the world are introducing programmes in these fields.

Human-Animal studies and humane education involve a focus on cultural and social interactions between humans and animals.

Examples of these interactions are plentiful in:

  • The Arts e.g. animals as inspiration
  • Economics e.g. animals as products
  • Politics e.g. animals as power or possessions
  • Scientific e.g. animals as tools
  • Environmental e.g. animals as heritage and nature
  • Personal e.g. animals as companions
  • Social/cultural e.g. animals as entertainment

In human-animal studies human-animal relations are explored from diverse perspectives with two aims:

  • To learn more about human beings and how our societies and cultures operate, by focusing on our relationship to, beliefs about, and treatment of, non-human animals.
  • To challenge current ethical and environmental concerns regarding the treatment of non-human animals.

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