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Dining Out

It’s never been easier or more enjoyable to choose kindness any time we go out to eat. One in three Kiwis are choosing to eat more plant-based foods and most restaurants and cafes now provide plant-based options. You’ll be surprised at the number of fully plant-based eateries out there, and before long you’ll know all the best plant-based places in town! For tasty recommendations, check out Happy Cow.

For some great tips for vegan travelers, check out A Practical Guide to Travelling as a Vegan.


Celebrating plant-based excellence


Since 2017, SAFE has been celebrating World Vegan Day by acknowledging eateries throughout the country who are going above and beyond to offer up the most delicious, innovative plant-based dishes. Discover the winners of the North Island, South Island & Themed Cuisine EAT KIND Awards.

Foods from around the world

Let your tastebuds travel the world without even leaving New Zealand! There is a smorgasbord of delicious meat-free cuisine out there, so dive in and find out what the world has to offer.

South Pacific

Polynesian rice, Fijian corn-tamarind balls and Tongan Kumara with Coconut Caramel Sauce – South Pacific Island cuisine can offer an abundance of different and delightful flavours. Discover delectable treats like Suafa’i (banana pudding), Panikeke (Samoan doughnuts) or Tongan Watermelon Otai (watermelon and coconut drink).


Packed full of grilled veggies, spicy beans, fresh herbs and hot salsas, Mexican food offers endless options! Burritos, tacos, nachos, black bean soup, fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas – and don’t forget margaritas! Ask for vegan cheese and extra veggies, salsa and guacamole on the side!

Middle Eastern

A cuisine full of possibilities. Try a tabouleh salad topped with smoky eggplant baba ghanoush or protein-packed hummus or tahini dressing. Falafel makes for the perfect, healthy meat substitute. Stuffed vine leaves are a must-try, and to satisfy your sweet tooth grab some baklava or Turkish delight (usually animal-friendly, but it’s worth double checking).


A favourite of many, vegans included! Enjoy veggie pizzas with dairy-free mozzarella, cashew-cream pasta or mushroom risotto, and even garlic bread and gelato. Creating plant-based versions of Italian classics can be fun, easy and extremely rewarding for the taste buds!


Traditionally, Chinese food is largely plant based. Enjoy a wide range of veggie dishes, from spring rolls, dumplings and sesame noodles to salads flavoured with garlic and ginger or tamari sauce. You'll also find vegetable-packed stir-fries, fried rice (just hold the egg) and various noodle dishes – and you can usually add tofu or nuts for extra protein.


With 40% of the country’s population living meat free, it's no wonder that Indian food has the widest variety of animal-friendly options. Order curries, dhal, dosa, sambar or uttapham. Don't forget the chutney! Be aware that some dishes may contain curd (yoghurt) or ghee (clarified butter), so just ask to be sure. Chapatti or roti can almost always be made dairy free.


Most famous for sushi, Japan offers a surprising number of plant-based options. Try maki rolls, miso or the various tofu or vegetable dishes. Note that dashi (a Japanese soup stock) contains a fish extract called bonito, so it's best to check that this is left out.


Think spiced roast veggies, slow-roasted chickpea tagine, veggie-filled souvlakis, couscous, fresh salads topped with roasted nuts and fresh herbs – Moroccan cuisine is full of wholefood goodness, seasoned to perfection!

Eat kind on the go

Pizza - Dominoes & Hell Pizza have a growing vegan menu or you can create your own

Burgers - Most burger joints have veggie options. Burger Fuel has three, plus a fantastic vegan aioli

Sushi - Most sushi places offer veggie options. St. Pierre’s is happy to make you plant-based sushi and welcomes any other special requests!

Pies - Z Energy & BP stations have several vegan versions of this Kiwi favourite

Wraps - Filled with falafel, fresh salad, hearty veggies and creamy sauces like tahini and hummus, wraps are great healthy meal when on the run. Check out Pita Pit’s plant-based options.

Social situations

If you’re invited to a friend’s place for a meal it can help to advise your host in advance what you eat. You could offer suggestions of what they could cook for you, or even better, take along a dish so everyone can try it! Check out our recipe section for ideas and share how delicious it can be to eat with kindness.

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