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You can have a burger, or you can have a burger that saves lives!

Choosing from the huge variety of plant-based products opens up the doors to a whole new world of flavour. Now you can let your values inform your food choices, with a heap of easy ways to switch from meat, eggs and dairy. We’ve put together a shortlist of our favourites, but the best thing to do is to experiment and find alternatives that you enjoy!

Eating with kindness

Try the Plant-Based Challenge

Ready to try something new? Save lives, protect the planet and kickstart a healthier lifestyle! The Plant-Based Challenge will provide you with recipes, tips, information and inspiration – everything you need to get started on a journey to kindness.

Meat swaps

From ‘meaty’ burger patties to sausages and pies, you’ll find plenty of great meat and dairy-free products in the fridge/freezer section of your local supermarket. Here’s what to look out for, including a selection of a few of the products widely available in New Zealand.

Egg swaps

The great news is that you can still make your favourite sweet or savoury dishes without using eggs, simply by making a few quick swaps in the kitchen.

Dairy swaps

Whether you have a sweet tooth, love cheese or just cannot function without a frothy flat white in the morning, there’s a huge variety of great dairy-free options to satisfy you.

Chicken swaps

One of the easiest ways to help animals is to leave chicken off your plate. Love the taste? There are lots of great chicken substitutes that can be found in most supermarkets in New Zealand. Check out the options below.

Fish swaps

Check out these fish-friendly options and get ready to make a positive change for our underwater friends and for the ocean!

Eating out and about

Takeaways can be a quick and easy way to eat on the go!

Love to cook?

Check out the delicious meat-free recipes on our website for plenty of delicious inspiration.

Black bean burgers

Packing a wholesome load of healthy protein, these veggie patties taste amazing! It’s a recipe the whole family will enjoy.

‘Cheese’ sauce

A creamy, healthy sauce that makes the perfect dip, pasta or lasagne sauce, or pair with green vegetables and potatoes.

Aquafabulous vegan pavlovas

A delicious take on the traditional Kiwi fave. You would never know that these fluffy, crispy pavlovas were egg and dairy free!

Seitan fried ‘chicken’

Tasty proof that eating kinder isn’t about missing out! This spicy, crunchy seitan recipe is seriously finger-licking good.

Salt and pepper tofu

This crispy, crunchy tofu is so simple to make and seriously addictive! Fantastic paired with steamed rice and veggies.

BBQ jackfruit tacos

Sustainably grown, nutritious and easy to prepare, this fruit really is the jack of all trades! You and whoever you're cooking for will love this easy-to-prepare, tasty, shredded-meat substitute!

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