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Free hens from cages

Hens deserve kindness, compassion and the freedom to live a life worth living. Hens are intelligent, curious and socially complex animals with a strong need to carry out their natural behaviour. When free to roam outdoors, a hen will spend her days scratching at the ground, searching for food, dust bathing, stretching her wings and basking in the sun.

In New Zealand, over 2.3 million hens are kept in small wire cages to produce eggs. These intensive farming conditions prevent hens from being able to carry out their most basic behaviours, which can cause serious welfare issues.

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Sign our petition calling for a ban on cages in New Zealand

Your actions can make a huge difference for the millions of hens living in cramped, unnatural conditions on intensive farms. Take action now to free hens from cages in New Zealand.

Time for change

We are seeing incredible change for hens across New Zealand. Three quarters (76%) of Kiwis polled want to see hens freed from cages. Supermarkets, foodservice groups, café outlets and restaurant chains across the country are committed to phasing out the use of cage eggs.

Around the world, hens are being spared from a lifetime in cages by progressive politicians. Cages are banned or being phased out in parts of Europe, including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Walloon Region of Belgium. In the USA, nine states have already banned the sale and production of cage eggs.

New Zealand’s leaders know Kiwis care about hens. In 2014 and 2017, the Labour Party promised to ban colony cages. The Green Party of Aotearoa has also committed to free hens from cages.

New Zealand voters have elected the Labour Party to lead our country for another three years. Now is the time to stand together and demand positive change for hens from our politicians.

Take action to free hens

Write to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Hon Damien O’Connor and Hon  Meka Whaitiri and demand a ban on colony cages  

History in the making 

On the 30th of June 2021, the EU Commission announced its commitment to banning the caging of farmed animals throughout the EU by 2027. This decision will free over 300 million animals from cages.  

If the European Union can free 300 million animals in seven years, our leaders can free the 1.2 million hens imprisoned in colony cages in New Zealand.   

In 2014 and 2017, the Labour Party said they would finally free hens from cages. Yet today, no action has been taken.  

We need to use our voices to hold our leaders to accountHens are counting on you to free them from cages in Aotearoa for good.  

We have prepared a message that you can send to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Hon Damien O’Connor and Hon Meka Whaitiri. If you have time, please write your own personal message or edit the message below. A personal email from you will always have more impact! 

This email will be sent directly to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Hon Damien O’Connor and Hon Meka Whaitiri. You will also receive a copy for your record. Emails are public information, if you would like any of your information withheld please write so in your email. 

A cage is a cage

Colony cages have been approved as the new caged system to replace soon-to-be illegal battery cages. In essence, colony cages are just larger versions of battery cages that are capable of housing many more hens. Colony cages still breach New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act 1999 as they do not allow hens to express their natural behaviour.

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Your actions can make a huge difference for the millions of hens living life in cramped, unnatural conditions on intensive farms. Whether you have an evening to spare or just five minutes, sign up and speak out for hens in New Zealand.

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