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Animals in Aotearoa

The scale of suffering faced by animals in New Zealand, particularly farmed animals, is immense – but we are driving positive change at an immense scale too. Stand with us as we demand change for animals in Aotearoa.

Demand an independent agency for animals

Farmed animal cruelty is a widespread problem that the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is failing to deal with. Animals need an independent body that will enforce our laws.

Ongoing animal issues you can support

Animals in need

Animals in farms


Most of the bacon, ham and pork eaten by New Zealanders comes from pigs kept in cruel, intensive, production systems.


Close to three million hens live short and cruel lives crammed inside wire cages to produce eggs.

Farmed fish

While fish may seem so different to us and other mammals, they are animals that deserve our respect as much as any other. It is time to let them off the hook.

Cows and their calves

Many people don’t realise that a cow used in the dairy industry needs to give birth in order to produce milk. What her life is like, and what happens to her new-born calf, is one of the dairy industry’s darkest secrets.


In New Zealand we love animals, and we value our natural environment. There is a future for New Zealand where both these values can be realised, but it means we need to end the use of feedlots.

Chickens bred for meat

Sick and deformed (SAD) chickens are bred for extremely fast growth. This leads to severe health problems including heart failure and lameness, which leaves huge numbers of them in chronic pain and with reduced ability to move.

Turkeys and ducks

Many people now know about the suffering of caged hens and pigs in factory farms, but did you know turkeys and ducks are also intensively reared?

Live Export

Like most New Zealand cows, she starts her life on a grassy paddock. If she is selected for live export she leaves her familiar herd behind and begins a harrowing journey.

Animals in entertainment


In the 2018-19 rodeo season, more volunteers than ever before turned out to protest against animal cruelty. More news stories and opinion pieces have been published condemning rodeos.

Greyhound racing

Animals suffer and die in the New Zealand greyhound racing industry. Dogs are injured on the track and often killed, as their injuries will prevent them from racing again.

Horse Racing

Behind racing’s glamorous image, horses suffer - both on the track and in training, and when they are discarded when no longer profitable.

Duck hunting

Every year during duck shooting season our peaceful, beautiful wetlands are disturbed by the sounds of gunfire, accompanying the death and injury of huge numbers of birds.

Zoos and wildlife parks

There are many facilities in New Zealand that hold wild animals, from traditional zoos like Auckland Zoo to wildlife and safari parks like Kingdom of Zion (Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary).

Animals used in experiments

Science experiments

While some research is non invasive, many experiments in this country involve extreme cruelty.

Cosmetics testing

Globally, crude and painful experiments continue to be carried out on thousands of animals to test new cosmetics and household products or their ingredients. Many of these products are for sale in New Zealand.

Animals bred as companions

Puppy mills

Commonly referred to as puppy mills, puppy breeding farms are commercially run dog breeding facilities where as many as one hundred animals of different breeds will be farmed.

Animals used for clothing

Sheep used for wool

Sheep are very intelligent animals and are capable of problem solving. They are nearly as clever as pigs, who are smarter than dogs.

Animals used for fur

Despite huge opposition to the fur trade, each year more than 75 million animals worldwide are trapped or farmed for the fur industry so they can be worn as fashion garments.

Our planet

Intensive Farming

New Zealand is proud of its clean, green image. But our waterways, land and reputation are under threat from factory farming.

Animals labelled as ‘pests’

A cruel and indiscriminate poison, 1080 is used to kill unwanted animals which include possums, feral cats, rabbits, rats and stoats.

Animal Welfare Act

The Animal Welfare Act is the law that is supposed to protect every animal in New Zealand. The law is based on five freedoms that would actually do a lot for animals – if the Act lived up to them.

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