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Behind racing’s glamorous image, horses are suffering.

Horses used for racing may be injured or killed, both during training and on the racetrack. Seen as little more than a profitable commodity, these horses can also end up in slaughterhouses if they don’t run fast enough.

Jumps racing has the highest rate of death and injury because the horses are pushed to jump fences at speed, closely surrounded by others. Injuries sustained when horses fall or collide with or hurtle into jumps or barriers can be horrific. Their bodies are powerful but also delicate – their bones can shatter into tiny pieces, making recovery impossible. Hence injured horses are often killed. Even when their injuries are less severe, money is rarely spent on a horse that is unlikely to race again. Jumps racing has been banned in six out of the eight Australian states and territories.

Flat races also result in injuries and deaths. In addition horses deemed too slow to profitably compete are discarded and may end up in a slaughterhouse. New Zealand-bred horses die both on our shores and overseas.  Thousands are sent to Australia, where the widespread abuse of horses in slaughterhouses has been exposed. The New Zealand racing industry doesn’t keep records on how many horses are ending their lives in slaughterhouses here.

Horse racing is a profit-driven industry where the animals are expendable. Punters are literally gambling with the animals’ lives.


By refusing to support the racing industry by not attending horse race meetings or gambling on horse races, and encouraging others to do the same, you can help end all horse racing for good.

Together we can move towards a kind world for all animals.


“I pledge to help end the exploitation and suffering of horses in the racing industry by never attending or placing a bet on a horse race.”

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