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Justice for all Animals

Animals abused in rodeos will get their day in court.

The New Zealand Animal Law Association and SAFE have filed a legal challenge with the High Court stating that rodeo events are in violation of the Animal Welfare Act. Because of your support we are again able to call for an end to the abuse of animals in the strongest way possible – a complete, legal ban.


We’re committed to bringing an end to the over 30 rodeo events that happen every summer for the entertainment of a minority. Every year, animals are killed or injured while people cheer on. This isn’t who we are as New Zealanders, and we will argue in the High Court that it’s not legal.

As with our successful challenge in 2020 against the use of cruel farrowing crates for mother pigs, this will not be easy. We will face opposition from all corners and there will be those that say the lives of these animals don’t matter – but we will not stop until we have justice for animals abused in rodeo.

For years, thousands of caring New Zealanders have stood alongside SAFE as we’ve spoken out against the cruel and outdated activities in rodeo. We've stood shoulder to shoulder with you at protests, you’ve contacted your MPs and the Prime Minister in the hundreds. You’ve written the Minister of Agriculture asking that he ban the roping of baby animals and use of painful spurs for the entertainment of a minority.
Despite huge public outcry, cruel rodeo events are allowed to continue, and we’ve had enough. We’ve tried everything, and now, we’ll see the Government in Court.

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