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5 October 2013: Public submissions have now closed - thankyou to all who made a submission! Dates for spoken presentations to the select committee will be announced shortly and the Second Reading is due to be held in Parliament in early 2014. Keep up to date with the SAFE e-bulletin


'Animals matter to me'

Vote for a nation that is truly a world leader in animal welfare!

Let's BAN cruel practices such as party pill and cosmetic testing, live export and exotic animals in circuses, and outdated factory farming practices.

Make a personal submission

Submissions are now open on the Animal Welfare Act Amendment Bill which will be considered by select committee in October 2013 and voted on by MPs in 2014. This is your chance to make a personal submission today and speak up for animals, who cannot speak for themselves.

The closing date for the submissions is World Animal Day, 4 October, 2013 

You can make a submission to the Select Committee for Primary Production to say animal welfare is very important to you. SAFE invites you to submit on the following important issues facing animals in New Zealand today (these are suggested points you can cut and paste, or put into your own words).

Suggested points



Party pills testing

Amend the Act to prohibit the use of animals in testing relating to a psychoactive product. Testing non-essential recreational drugs on animals is abhorrent to me.

Cosmetic testing
Amend the Act to explicitly ban the use of animals for cosmetic testing. Europe banned the testing of cosmetics on animals in 2004 and New Zealand now has the opportunity to do the same.

Exotic animals in circuses
Amend the Act to explicitly ban the use of exotic animals in circuses. In 2009, the last exotic animal kept in a New Zealand circus was freed from performing; let us now make sure circuses stay exotic animal-free.

Live export
Amend the Act to explicitly ban the live export of animals for slaughter. There must be a guarantee that this cruel trade can never resume.

Cetaceans in captivity
Amend the Act to explicitly ban the keeping of cetaceans, such as dolphins, in captivity, forever.

Close loopholes for factory farming
The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) proposes regulations that would exempt practices from animal welfare obligations for ‘indefinite periods' (section 183A(5)) and also wants matters relating to ‘practicality' and ‘economic impact' (section 73(3)) to become explicit considerations when setting animal welfare standards.

These proposals make it highly likely that practices such as battery hen farming and keeping pigs in crates would be allowed to continue indefinitely, despite being cruel and in breach of principal sections of the AWA. I find this unacceptable and ask for these clauses to be amended.



How to make a submission


1. Go to the Parliament website
2. Scroll to bottom of page
3. Enter verification and 'submit'
4. Enter the fields with your submission.

Alternatively post a hard copy to:

Committee Secretariat
Primary Production
Parliament Buildings

Phone: +64 4 817 9049

The closing date for the submissions is World Animal Day, 4 October, 2013.

You can find background information on SAFE's campaign site or the Ministry for Primary Industries website

FAQ on the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill


Let's make it happen

You can also have your say by sending a message to your MP and vote for a nation that is truly a world leader in animal welfare!


SAFE submission 2012

The review of the Act was initiated over a year ago and SAFE (and many SAFE supporters) took part in the public submission process to develop the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill. Sadly SAFE's recommendations were largely ignored.

After thirteen years the Act can be seen as an abject failure and SAFE made a substantial submission to demand significant change. In the revised AWA SAFE wants to see:

• the establishment of an independent Commission for Animals;

• an end to the legal loopholes that allow factory farming practices (such as farrowing crates for pigs) to exist;

• breaches of welfare codes become offences;

• a complete overhaul of the animal ethics committees that oversee animal experimentation.

DOWNLOAD SAFE's preliminary submission document: the road to world-leading animal welfare.

DOWNLOAD SAFE's final submission: a response to the Ministry proposals and strategy.



The Animal Welfare Act review 2012; another waste of time or a real opportunity for animals? SAFE Executive director Hans Kriek reports.