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‘Pretty disturbing’: Animal safety group calls for Govt to ban greyhound racing

February 23rd, 2022
An animal safety group is again calling for the Government to ban greyhound racing, citing the number of dogs either dying or suffering injuries. The Government won’t do that yet, but the industry only has one year to improve. Greyhound racing is a declining industry all over the world due...

Can Greyhound Racing Survive?

February 23rd, 2022
Can Greyhound Racing Survive? With damning reports of injury and doping, a once-fashionable sport is officially on notice. It’s mid-morning in the rural Manawatū. Gary Fredrickson is strolling through a gravel carpark adorned with a regal-looking wooden greyhound statue, a bounding black dog in tow. Read more

A sport on its last legs – can greyhound racing in New Zealand survive?

February 23rd, 2022
Greyhound owners get together to show how lovely the breed can be off the track. (Video first published June 2019) When Racing Minister Grant Robertson revealed his review on greyhound racing in September last year, it looked like the possible end for a sport that has been long debated over...

Dude, where are our cows? NZ’s live export trade must end now

February 23rd, 2022
Tricia Phillips was part of a group protesting against live cattle exports in Timaru at the weekend. Virginia Fallon is a Stuff senior writer and columnist based in Wellington. OPINION: A distinct smell of manure is emanating from one of New Zealand’s ports right now. Read more

Equestrian NZ expresses disappointment at social media video of Sir Mark Todd’s horse abuse

February 23rd, 2022
Equestrian NZ has distanced itself from the behaviour of Olympic legend Sir Mark Todd, who has been videoed beating a horse with a stick. Sir Mark’s abuse was posted on social media platform TikTok, as he tried to coax his horse across a water obstacle, and the eight-time Olympian and...

Sir Mark Todd’s actions highlight ‘systemic’ problems in equine sport

February 23rd, 2022
1988: Relive the glorious time when Todd and 16-year-old Charisma took gold again. A leading animal rights organisation has said the footage of equestrian champion Sir Mark Todd whipping a horse with a stick highlights “systemic” problems facing equine sports. Read more

Lawyers celebrate justice for animals

November 30th, 2020
A group of lawyers has stepped up to ensure the rule of law prevails in two cases of animal cruelty that are both legal firsts in Aotearoa. New Zealand’s first rodeo prosecution The New Zealand Animal Law Association (NZALA) successfully took a private prosecution against Northland farmer Derek Robinson in...

SPCA joins calls for greyhound racing to be banned after more dogs die

November 30th, 2020
The SPCA has joined calls for greyhound racing to be banned following the death of three dogs within three weeks. It comes as the Greyhound Protection League, alongside animal rights charity Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE), has created a petition to ban the sport. Read more

Almost 200 greyhounds were euthanised during the last racing season

November 30th, 2020
A total of 199 greyhounds were euthanised in the last racing season, according to Greyhound Racing New Zealand. The organisation has released its 2020 Annual Report, which details the number of dogs euthanised either after being injured during races, or for undisclosed reasons. Read more

‘No excuse’ as mass chicken death investigation drags on

November 30th, 2020
Nearly 200,000 chickens died at D B Chicks near Auckland’s Helensville on November 29, 2019. (File photo) An investigation into a mass chicken death incident remaining incomplete a year on is “inexcusable”, an animal welfare organisation says. About 190,000 chickens died at D B Chicks near Helensville, northwest of Auckland,...

‘Give us a call!’: Vegan community offers enthusiastic support for Duncan Garner

November 19th, 2020
The New Zealand vegan community has thrown its enthusiastic support behind The AM Show host Duncan Garner following his announcing he’s going plant-based for a year. In July, Garner promised he would turn vegan for a year if Labour polled high enough to govern alone. Read more

Livestock export ship due in Napier after Government ban lifted

November 19th, 2020
The extra requirements from an independent review follows the sinking of the Gulf Livestock 1 in September. Photo / Tony des Landes Just under two months since a livestock export ship left Napier Port and sank near Japan, another live export vessel is due to leave the port next week...

Livestock vessels ‘at least twice as likely’ to be lost at sea compared to standard cargo ships – Guardian analysis

November 19th, 2020
Livestock carriers are “at least twice as likely” to be lost at sea compared to standard cargo ships, according to an analysis by the UK’s Guardian newspaper. The paper looked at more than 10 years of data comparing the percentage of livestock carriers that had sunk with that of standard...

No major changes for agriculture with new Cabinet line-up

November 19th, 2020
It’s business as usual for the primary sector with ministerial portfolios remaining relatively unchanged but from a few tweaks. Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas Damien O’Connor has kept his job as Minister of Agriculture, one he held last term, and picks up Trade and Export Growth from David Parker and...
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