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From the archives: Kōrero with Chlöe Swarbrick

December 15th, 2022

What’s in a name: Is the term ‘plant-based’ a help or hindrance when it comes to the vegan activist movement?

December 1st, 2022
Shakespeare said "A rose by any other word would smell as sweet", but how much weight does a name really hold? Last month, the Vegan Society marked World Vegan Month by investigating consumer attitudes towards ‘plant-based’ and 'vegan' terminology, and wh

Animal abuse, extensive injuries and methamphetamine: Is the end near for New Zealand’s greyhound racing industry?

November 17th, 2022
Is the bell finally tolling for greyhound racing in New Zealand? If conversations and media stories with Racing Minister Kieran McAnulty are to be believed, the industry’s days may very well be numbered. After yet another horror weekend on Auckland’s race

‘Kind’ cages, horses who love to race and other lies we tell ourselves

November 3rd, 2022
The ‘end of the cage age’ has been a hot topic in New Zealand media over the past few days. Unfortunately, though the end of 2022 will bring with it a ban on battery cages, colony cages will remain legal. While they’re marketed as a ‘kinder’ option, what

A deep dive into human-animal studies with Annie Potts

October 6th, 2022
Why do we consider some animals as pests and others as pets? Why do some vegans choose not to date meat eaters? What’s the connection between animal oppression and certain types of human oppression? This week, Will Appelbe and Courtney White are joined by

Greyhound racing cleaning up its act? Yeah right.

September 23rd, 2022
The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has dominated the news cycle of late, so it's time to catch up with the latest (and not so great) animal yarns. Will fills Courtney in with the latest revelations from the greyhound racing industry and live export trade.

Do you know who to call? Whistleblowers, witnesses and wading through mud

September 8th, 2022
After a brief hiatus, Will Appelbe and Courtney White are back behind the mic's! This week they unveil 0800 EXPOSE, SAFE's newest programme aiming to assist those who have witnessed animal cruelty to report it, safely. They also discuss the call for McDon

‘No way to treat a mother’ – lifting the lid on the dairy industry’s dirty little secret

August 18th, 2022
Will Appelbe and Courtney White are joined by SAFE Campaigns Officer, Emma Brodie, to discuss a little-known practice taking place behind slaughterhouse doors across the country. They also discuss concerns about the response from MPI into sheep welfare on

Rodeo cowboys miss the point of a recent High Court decision

August 5th, 2022
Will Appelbe is joined by new co-host Courtney White, to discuss live export, the recent High Court decision on rodeo, and the SPCA's call to ban the long term chaining of dogs.

Cowboys in Court

July 19th, 2022
Last week, the New Zealand Animal Law Association and SAFE challenged the legality of rodeo at the High Court. This is the second time the two organisations have taken the Government to court, and the results of that first court case has caused headaches

Kōrero with Lynn Charlton, Anti Rodeo Action

June 14th, 2022
This week we talk with Lynn Charlton, spokesperson for Anti Rodeo Action. Next month the New Zealand Animal Law Association and SAFE will be challenging the legality of rodeo at the Wellington High Court. In the lead up to the court date, we wanted to spe

The forgotten victims of factory farming

May 30th, 2022
Fishes are the forgotten victims of factory farming. This week we chat with SAFE Campaigns Manager Anna de Roo about the salmon farming industry, and how these animals are so neglected. Greyhound racing is back on the agenda, and the Government recent

Political shenanigans over the bill to ban live export

May 11th, 2022
Greyhound racing is facing a new scandal, following revelations made by Newshub that indicate potential neglect and mistreatment at a kennel belonging to one of the industry’s most prolific trainers. The ban on live export faced a small bump in the r

Kōrero with Abigail Penny, Animal Equality UK Executive Director

April 28th, 2022
Today on the show I’m chatting with Abigail Penny, the UK Executive Director at Animal Equality. Animal Equality is an international animal protection organisation, and they’re most well known for their undercover investigations. Those investigations
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