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Putting the chicken before the egg, and a conversation with Jake Conroy

August 4th, 2020
Colony cages are on the agenda. An egg supplier was recently sentenced to two years in prison for fraudulently selling cage eggs as free range. Egg labelling relies on the trust of suppliers, but given how cruel colony cages are, should they be allowed to

Political Panel for Animals 2020 – It’s Time!

July 24th, 2020
Last night in Wellington, SAFE hosted the Political Panel for Animals 2020. The Panelists included Green MP Gareth Hughes, New Zealand First MP Mark Patterson, National MP David Bennett and Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor, from the Labour Party. The

The dairy industry’s failings, and rescuing animals with Shawn Bishop

July 21st, 2020
A bad couple of weeks for the dairy industry. We cover some of the latest current affairs, including the light sentencing of animal abuser Mike Luke, as well as a Dairy Industry Award winner who was stripped of his title due to profane and disrespectful t

In memory of Regan Russell, featuring her friends, Toronto Pig Save, and Camille Labchuk

July 6th, 2020
On today’s show, we remember Regan Russell. Regan was an animal rights activist with Toronto Pig Save, who was tragically killed recently when she was hit by a truck transport pigs. We’re joined by some of those who were closest to her, to share her story

Our attitudes towards animals considered pests, and going plant-based with SAFE’s Eat Kind team

June 22nd, 2020
In this episode, we chat with SAFE’s Eat Kind team about plant-based diets, and how easy it is to choose kindness when you cook your next meal. The son of a National MP is sentenced for willful ill-treatment under the Animal Welfare Act, but no justice is

The historic court case to free mother pigs, and zoonotic diseases with Dr. Michael Greger

June 8th, 2020
We discuss SAFE and the New Zealand Animal Law Associations historic court case, to free mother pigs from farrowing crates. And New Zealand has all but eliminated COVID-19, while the world continues to come to grips with the pandemic. Dr. Michael Greger e

Budget 2020 and the amazing world of fish with Jonathan Balcombe

May 25th, 2020
On today’s show, we chat with internationally renown biologist Jonathan Balcombe about fish behaviour, sentience, and the state of aquatic life in 2020. It turns out fish are pretty amazing, and there’s a lot you probably don’t know about them. And the

Greyhound racing, animal cruelty in isolation, and animal law with Danielle Duffield

May 12th, 2020
In this episode, we speak to Danielle Duffield, co-founder of the New Zealand Animal Law association about New Zealand’s animal welfare laws. Greyhound racing has restarted under alert level 3, and fast food faces unprecedented demand at drive-throughs. B

Animals in captivity, live export, and human animal relationships with Dr. Nik Taylor

April 28th, 2020
Wild animals are doing it tough in cages, both in New Zealand and abroad, and on Netflix it seems. We speak to Dr. Nik Taylor about animal human relationships, oppression, violence, and how these intertwine and play a role in our society. And Taranaki loc

Justice for pigs, and a conversation with Gareth Hughes

April 14th, 2020
New Zealand meat producers have been pushing for butchers to re-open, potentially risking the success of the COVID-19 lockdown. Will also speaks to Green MP Gareth Hughes about our animal welfare laws, regulations and enforcement, and his journey as New Z

How to launch a podcast during a pandemic

March 31st, 2020
In this debut episode, Will discusses the current state of affairs for New Zealand while the country faces off with COVID-19. He speaks with SAFE Chief Executive Officer Debra Ashton about the state of animal rights in New Zealand and the role that intens
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