News Podcasts ‘Kind’ cages, horses who love to race and other lies we tell ourselves

‘Kind’ cages, horses who love to race and other lies we tell ourselves

November 3rd, 2022

The ‘end of the cage age’ has been a hot topic in New Zealand media over the past few days. Unfortunately, though the end of 2022 will bring with it a ban on battery cages, colony cages will remain legal. While they’re marketed as a ‘kinder’ option, what difference do these cages make to the lives of the hens kept locked inside them? Jessica Chambers, SAFE’s Head of Campaigns, joins Will Appelbe and Courtney White to talk through all the nuance missed in media stories and what the SAFE campaigns team is up to in order to free hens from cages once and for all. Not ones to miss a trick, Will and Courtney also pick Jess’s brain on the Melbourne Cup, as well as the exciting campaign to call for a Commissioner for Animals – a call quickly gaining traction across the country.

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