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Activism for animals made EASY

March 14th, 2017

Emails. Tweets. Posts. Petitions.

Activism for animals made EASY.

Got five minutes and want to do some good? SAFE is lucky to have many  dedicated volunteers that help us in the ‘real world’ with events,  protests and in the office. Some people can only spare a few minutes a  week. If you are in this category, SAFE Animal Action Network is for  you!

Our new SAFE Animal Action Network (SAAN) is a crew of passionate  supporters and activists, volunteering for only a few minutes each week  to help SAFE’s efforts advocating for animals. SAAN has members from all  over New Zealand and some international animal champions too.

Sign up and SAAN will send email prompts on quick and easy online  actions like signing a petition, posting on social media, commenting on a  news piece or emailing decision makers. Sometimes SAAN will be in  contact every few days, at other times, just every few weeks.  Occasionally there will be the option to turn your activism up a notch,  with actions over the phone or in person.

The explosive growth of global connectivity through social media has  provided a unique platform to harness ‘people power’ for positive  change. Petitions, trending hashtags and coordinated online lobbying  have resulted in huge changes in corporate policy, public law and  consumer behaviour across a diverse range of issues such as human  rights, environmental preservation and of course, animal protection. The  proof is in the pudding; just recently SAFE was part of a successful  global push for international food manufacturing giant, General Mills,  to go cage-egg-free across their entire product range.


Joining SAAN is a simple, effective way to magnify your impact for animals. When we get together, we are a force for change.

Take action

  • Sign up for SAFE Animal Action Network.
  • Keen to do even more? Sign up to an ‘in-person’ volunteer too.


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