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What else can I do to ensure the ban on live export is upheld in New Zealand?

What else can I do to ensure the ban on live export is upheld in New Zealand?

February 26th, 2024

As a country known for its commitment to animal welfare and ethical standards, New Zealand has long prided itself on leading by example. One of the most significant steps we’ve taken in this regard is the ban on live export—a crucial measure that upholds our values and protects the well-being of animals.  

The live export industry poses serious risks to the welfare of animals, subjecting them to long and arduous journeys in cramped conditions, often resulting in stress, injury, and even death. These animals are treated as mere commodities, with profit taking precedence over their welfare—a practice that goes against our fundamental principles of compassion and respect for all living beings.  

It’s imperative that we maintain and protect the ban on live export to uphold our moral obligations and ensure the humane treatment of animals.  

But this requires collective action from all of us.  

You’ve signed the petition calling for the ban on live export to be upheld, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Every signature counts and sends a powerful message to policymakers about the importance of this issue. 

If you haven’t – click here to sign.


If you want to do more to help, here are some suggestions: 


  1. Donate to SAFE:

    Consider donating to organisations dedicated to animal welfare and advocacy. Your contribution can help us continue our efforts to spread awareness and campaign for the protection of animals. Livestock Export New Zealand (LENZ) has launched a formidable $1 million lobbying campaign, seeking to influence kiwi’s views of live export and persuade the Government to reverse the ban. To stand a fighting chance in this battle to protect the rights of animals we urgently need to raise $100,000. Donate today

  2. Email Your MP:

    Reach out to your Member of Parliament to express your support for the ban on live export. Urge them to continue advocating for strong animal welfare laws and policies. Find your local MP here

  3. Spread the Word:

    Take the time to educate friends, family members, and colleagues about the cruelty involved in live export and the importance of supporting initiatives to protect animals from harm. We’ve created an information flyer, which you can download HERE, as well as a poster with a QR code you can print and share around your community (download here). Feel free to share it with your friends, family, and colleagues, to encourage them to join the cause and protect animals from live export harms.  

  4. Share on Social Media:

    Use your social media platforms to raise awareness about the issue of live export and the importance of maintaining the ban. Share articles, infographics, and personal stories to engage others in the conversation.  

  5. Attend Protests or Rallies:

    Participate in peaceful protests or rallies organised by animal rights groups to raise awareness about the issue and show solidarity with the cause. We’ll be sure to update you on the ones we know about – you can stay informed by following us on social media, or joining our mailing list, HERE. 

  6. Sign Our Petition calling for a Commissioner for Animals:

    If you’ve already taken the above actions, consider signing our petition calling for the appointment of a Commissioner for Animal Welfare. This would ensure ongoing oversight and enforcement of animal welfare laws. Find the petition, and more information, HERE. 

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that New Zealand remains a leader in animal welfare. Let’s stand united in our commitment to protecting animals and upholding our values of compassion and respect.  

Join us in the fight to protect the ban on live export.


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