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Baking with kindness

Baking with kindness

April 27th, 2018

Businesses, volunteers and supporters baked up a whole lot of kindness from April 15th-22nd to support SAFE in making a positive difference for animals. This year marked the 10th Anniversary of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale and SAFE are proud to have been the New Zealand partner organisation for such an exciting event.

Thousands of dollars have been donated to SAFE from the proceeds of the Kind Bake Sales that were held nationwide. It was a flurry of cupcakes, cookies, slices and cake, all delicious and all cruelty-free. The baking was free from eggs, dairy and other animal products and was the showcase of sweet vegan treats.

SAFE’s Eat Kind Programme encourages Kiwi’s to think more about what we are eating and to make compassionate food choices, with veganism on the rise, now is a better time than any to reinvent, revitalise and rediscover flavour through plant-based foods. The six-week Vegetarian Challenge is full of recipes, tips, and tricks to see anyone off to a great start and partnered with the 100% Vegetarian Guide, compassionate Kiwi’s will be ready to make a positive difference for animals.

Animals farmed for food in New Zealand have a tough life, hens are kept in small overcrowded cages and have to endure painful beak trimming procedures without anaesthetic or the ability to display their natural behaviours. Mother pigs are confined in crates so small they are unable to turn around and piglets have their tails cut off and testicles removed, also without pain relief. Some animals are classed as a by-product such as, male calves who are sent to slaughter at only a few days old and male chicks who are gassed, suffocated or ground up alive as soon as they hatch.

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It’s easy to be kind to be kind and by keeping animals off our plates we make a positive difference one meal at a time.


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