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Cape Reinga to Bluff – for animals!

September 15th, 2017

Ever thought about what it might be like to walk from the top of New Zealand to the bottom?

Jan Oliver Lucks is currently learning all about it while he puts one  foot in front of the other, trekking the hard 3000km Aotearoa terrain,  not just for fun but for a worthy cause. Jan Oliver is a Dunedin film  maker who recently released a feature film (Wilbur The King in the Ring)  and is already working on his second.

Jan Oliver has decided to combine his film work with his love for  animals by walking the Te Araroa trail, that runs from Cape Reinga to  Bluff, for SAFE.

Relying on his trusty MacBook, Jan Oliver is able to work and raise  awareness around animal farming in New Zealand all while walking across  the country. “I’ve been vegetarian since I was 12 and this is the first  time I will be making a stand. My core belief is that you should treat  others the way you want to be treated,” says Jan Oliver.

Over one hundred million animals are kept in cruel factory farms each  year in New Zealand, unable to display their natural behaviours and  forced into small, crowded spaces until they are sent to their death.  The best way to help these animals is to keep them off your plate! Join  Jan Oliver in October and take the six-week vegetarian challenge for World Vegetarian Month. You’ll receive delicious recipes, helpful tips and you can also order your free copy of SAFE’s 100% Vegetarian Starter Guide.

We aren’t all able to walk to raise awareness for the animals but we  can make a positive difference for them. Follow Jan Oliver on Instagram @janoliverlucks and join in on his adventure to help animals. You can donate to SAFE and leave a message for Jan Oliver here.

Jan Oliver is expected to reach the finish line in Cape Reinga in February of next year. 


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