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Ending the caging of hens globally

March 17th, 2017

The writing is on the wall for the cage egg industry. We know it, you know it.

Now it’s time for retailers and businesses to realise a move to cage-free is inevitable.

SAFE’s been working hard to get hens out of cages with our Countdown campaign and we’re very pleased to be one of over thirty international animal protection organisations forming the Open Wing Alliance (OWA). Initiated by The Humane League, OWA members have joined forces  in the global revolution to free egg-laying hens from cages. OWA  organisations, including SAFE, recently convened for an international  summit in Europe to discuss global targets. The great news for hens is  that organisations from as far apart as Africa to Asia; from Europe to  Australasia are all working, together, to end cage cruelty.  AND – we’ve  just had another victory with General Mills going cage-free globally.

Working together with the public, the OWA has already achieved the  following companies committing to cage-free policies: Sodexo; Aldi;  Lidl; Elior Group; Compass; AccorHotels; InterContinental Hotels Group;  Carrefour (France) and Intermarché (France). More recently SAFE  supporters were part of the success in getting General Mills, one of the  world’s largest food manufacturers and consumer packaged goods  companies, to go cage-free globally by 2025, affecting over 100 brands.  These victories mean that millions of hens will not have to suffer a  life of confinement in a cage, once these commitments come into force.  More good news is that the use of colony cages, (also called ‘enriched’  cages) is also being phased out around the world, which strengthens the  case for these cruel cages not to be installed in New Zealand and  elsewhere.

“I have no doubt that the caging of hens will be bought to an end,”  says head of campaigns, Mandy Carter. “I’ve been heartened to see the  change globally and it’s because of kind people taking a stand for  animals. Together, the Open Wing Alliance, and the caring public, will  see this cruelty stop altogether.”

Supermarkets are the main purchaser of cage eggs in New Zealand.  Australian corporate giant Woolworths owns NZ’s biggest supermarket  Countdown. While Woolworths has listened to their Aussie customers and  committed to being cage-free by 2025, they are turning a deaf ear to  caring Kiwis who want an end to all cage eggs in Countdown stores.  

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