News Blog Articles Exposé reveals human and animal welfare disaster due to live animal exports
Exposé reveals human and animal welfare disaster due to live animal exports

Exposé reveals human and animal welfare disaster due to live animal exports

April 3rd, 2019

An explosive exposé, launched April 4, 2019, revealed that hundreds of New Zealand and Australian cows had died in a deal to set up dairy farms in Sri Lanka. This deal, sanctioned by the New Zealand Government, has turned into a human and animal welfare disaster.

ABC in Australia exposed the fate of cows shipped alive from both New Zealand and Australia to Sri Lanka. The exposé comes from ABC’s investigation into one of Australia’s major live export companies, Wellard, which sold a pipe-dream of self-sufficiency to Sri Lankan farmers.

Wellard failed to provide promised support according to those farmers, many of whom are now barely able to support their own families or animals. 500 cows have died and many more are diseased.

SAFE Ambassador Hans Kriek said the cruelty of live animal exports is well documented, and New Zealand’s apparent lack of concern for the fate of animals once they leave our shores is deplorable.

“Live export corporations are sending animals to far-flung countries where untold horrors could await them. The horrific images from ABC today prove that,” said Mr Kriek.

“Once a cow leaves New Zealand shores, we have no idea what happens to her. The European Union is ahead of New Zealand on this. They voted in February to end the live export of animals to countries that fall below their animal welfare standards. We need to follow their lead. Our reputation is at risk if the Government allows animals to be exported into such appalling conditions.”

In a letter to SAFE, Minister of Agriculture Damien O’Connor said that he has no plans to stop the export of breeding animals.

“How many New Zealand dairy cows exported overseas have to die from neglect or disease before this Government will take any action?” asked Mr Kriek.

“The Government needs to urgently ban live exports, starting with an immediate halt on dairy cow export.”

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