News Blog Articles MPI fails to take action to protect animal welfare, as calf is trampled in trailer
MPI fails to take action to protect animal welfare, as calf is trampled in trailer

MPI fails to take action to protect animal welfare, as calf is trampled in trailer

November 18th, 2018

At the weekend of 17 November 2018, a member of the public and her family witnessed and filmed a trailer of calves with one being trampled by the other animals.

She called SAFE who advised her to call the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). SAFE followed up with the MPI inspector directly, who did not sound capable of tracking the vehicle. In a desperate effort to eliminate the suffering of the calves, SAFE called the police who tried to track the vehicle but were unsuccessful even with the car registration number. 

SAFE is disappointed at MPI’s inability to take action on this cruelty as soon as it was reported, says SAFE Head of Campaigns Marianne Macdonald.

“It is MPI’s job to investigate animal welfare complaints. However, here we have a case where a vulnerable young calf is being trampled and nothing is done. The inspector’s lack of willingness to take urgent action, exemplifies the broken system that we have in New Zealand that is failing to protect farmed animals.”

This is the latest in a series of examples of MPI’s failure to protect animals. Last month a British tourist was very concerned when he saw and filmed a cow being held for hours in hip clamps in the Franz Josef region. When MPI was contacted, they said they could not investigate because they only have 23 inspectors, and the closest was in Christchurch.

“Time and time again it’s left up to members of the public or volunteers to investigate lawbreaking on farms and highlight cases of neglect, or in this case lack of care, rather than the Government agency whose job it is to protect animals.”

“SAFE is calling for MPI to be stripped of its animal welfare responsibilities and for a Crown entity to be set up with the powers and funding to enable it to effectively enforce our animal welfare laws and take urgent action in cases like this where animals are suffering. It’s time for the Government to make animal protection a priority.” 

Take Action 

  • Demand the Government separates animal welfare from the Ministry for Primary Industries and establish a Crown entity for animals. 



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