News Blog Articles New Zealand Eateries’ kindness is celebrated with awards on World Vegan Day

New Zealand Eateries’ kindness is celebrated with awards on World Vegan Day

November 1st, 2017

SAFE is recognising four restaurants from across the country for their spectacular plant-based menus to mark World Vegan Day. The national charity presented their annual EAT KIND Awards to Tart Bakery in Auckland, Boquita in Wellington, Portershed in Christchurch and Let Them Eat Vegan in Dunedin.


“These eateries go above and beyond to cater to the growing demand for plant-based food,” said Jasmijn de Boo, CEO. “We’re pleased to recognise them for their spectacular food offerings.”


In a statement to SAFE, Emma Wood, owner of Portershed said, “To be recognised by an organisation such as SAFE is one of the most validating things we could hear. It’s an honour and a privilege to be supporting such a passionate, growing community, determined to live a life of kindness and good health.”


This is the inaugural year for SAFE’s EAT KIND Awards which recognise culinary excellence in New Zealand. The annual awards are a fun way to mark World Vegan Day and celebrate the diversity of vegan options available in New Zealand. There are four awards given out: best of the North Island (Tart Bakery), best of the South Island (Let Them Eat Vegan), best newcomer (Portershed) and best themed cuisine (Boquita).
SAFE Programme Officer, Krysta Neve (right) presents the 2017 Newcomer EAT KIND Award to Emma Wood, owner of Portershed.
What was the status quo of meat and three veg meals is fast becoming a distant memory for Kiwis, as more and more are ditching the meat and opting for kinder, healthier foods. In fact, a survey done by the charity found that nearly 60% of Kiwis would consider becoming vegetarian.


To meet the demand and growing interest in plant-based foods, SAFE’s EAT KIND Programme officially launched in October last year. It offers a six-week challenge and a free Starter Guide to help New Zealanders remove animal products form their diets.


“We’ve had thousands of Kiwis participate in the Programme so far,” said Ms de Boo. “Over 80% of those who have tried our challenge have cut out meat as well as other animal products and they couldn’t be happier about it.”


Worldwide interest in veganism is continuing to grow. Reports from the World Health Organisation, the United Nations and studies from academic institutions have demonstrated that the trend is not just a flight of fancy for picky eaters. Plant-based dietary changes have the power to turn the tide against the effects of climate change, disease and end mass animal exploitation.


“There has never been a better time than now for us to cut animal products out of our diets,” said Ms de Boo. “With the number of animals on cruel, intensive farms increasing and with only a third of Kiwis being at a healthy weight, we need to make kind choices.”


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