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Protestors rally in opposition to rodeo decision

November 10th, 2016

Today, November 10, members of the public outraged by the  government’s deliberate inaction on rodeo will be joined by SAFE,  Farmwatch and Green Party MP Mojo Mathers outside Parliament to rally  against the continued abuse of animals. 

The Primary Production Select Committee this week responded to the  62,000 strong petition asking for a ban of commercialised cruelty in  rodeo. No ban or restrictions were recommended by the committee.

The response comes as this rodeo season kicks off, and protestors say  the fight to end rodeo is not over. Despite documented welfare breaches  in previous seasons, Richmond rodeo ending as sponsors pulled out, and a  majority of the public supporting a ban, the government is allowing  rodeo abuse to continue.


In addition to the petition, a scientific poll supplied to the committee  found that more than half (59%) of the respondents supported a ban on  using animals in rodeos in New Zealand.


“Rodeos cause animal suffering, distress, injury and even death for  entertainment. This is an absolute embarrassment to New Zealand and is  clearly unacceptable to the public who wants to see it end,” says SAFE  Campaigns and Policy Officer Stephen Manson.


“We are disappointed the committee has let animals down,” says Farmwatch  spokesperson Jasmine Gray. “What we have witnessed in our  investigations is appalling. It is alarming they think this treatment is  acceptable for the sake of fun. We are concerned about the message this  sends to people about how we treat the vulnerable members of our  society.”


Two animals died in the 2015-2016 rodeo season; a horse in Te Anau and a  bull broke his leg at the Richmond rodeo. The organisations are  concerned this will occur again as nothing has been done to address the  cause of this problem.

“The government has said closer regulation of rodeo and ways to reduce  the numbers of animals used are being considered. This is not good  enough; no animal should be put through the horror of being forced to  take part in a rodeo. We will be keeping a close eye on this and  continue to fight for a complete ban on this blatant abuse of animals,”  Mr Manson added.


SAFE will continue the campaign to end rodeo. SAFE says those against  animal cruelty should avoid attending rodeos this season, saying there  are many ways to enjoy a fun, family day out that don’t involve animal  cruelty.


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