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SAFE Animal Squad goes online!

June 9th, 2017

The SAFE Youth Group has more  than 300 members, with more Kiwi kids aged 8 – 14 years joining every  day to learn about animal issues and connect with other children.

As the group has grown it was in need of a new identity; one that  reflects the passionate and supportive nature of the children, so Youth  Coordinator Alex and his team are very excited to introduce ‘SAFE Animal  Squad’!

Staying connected with other compassionate kids and learning about  animal issues is what SAFE Animal Squad is all about, and now kids can  look forward to a brand new website launching in July 2017.

The new website will allow Alex and the SAFE team to connect better  with members of SAFE Animal Squad from across New Zealand. It will be  full of information on animal issues, including ways Kiwi kids can get  involved with making New Zealand a better place for all animals. Fun and  facts will also be on offer through games and videos. SAFE Animal Squad  members will be able to share stories, videos, and recipes, and help  develop the website.

Along with links to the educational Animals & Us curriculum-based  textbook series, the new website will also allow primary schoolteachers  easier access to the SAFE Animal Squad newsletter to use in their  classroom.

The website is currently in development and we can’t wait to have it  ready for kids aged 8 – 14 to share with their friends and family.

Watch this space!


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