News Blog Articles The Cheesecake Shop latest to join cage-free trend
The Cheesecake Shop latest to join cage-free trend

The Cheesecake Shop latest to join cage-free trend

March 31st, 2019

The Cheesecake Shop has adopted a cage-free egg policy in New Zealand 
after pressure from SAFE. 

The company has committed to stop using cage eggs by January 2022 across all New Zealand stores, while it works towards matching its Australian stores 100% free-range policy. 

This policy follows closely behind Bidfood’s recent announcement to go cage-free by 2024. 

SAFE Head of Campaigns Marianne Macdonald says that every cage-free commitment is another step closer to a world where hens are no longer trapped in cages. 

“Freeing hens from cruel cages is an issue close to the heart of many New Zealanders. People are calling on companies to do the right thing, and businesses like The Cheesecake Shop and Bidfood are listening and taking decisive action.” 

The Cheesecake Shop has over 25 stores across Aotearoa. The company uses 100% free-range eggs in its Australian stores, so SAFE is pleased to see its NZ stores take a step in the right direction. 

SAFE was just hours away from launching a public campaign when The Cheesecake Shop got wind of the fact that they were going to be put under the spotlight. The company quickly made clear its intention to create a cage-free egg policy. 

“Companies are now very aware that in 2019, it is no longer acceptable to continue using cruel cage eggs without a phase-out date. No-one wants to be placed under scrutiny for supporting animal cruelty. People want to see change, and it is great to see The Cheesecake Shop respond positively to this. The caging of hens is being brought to an end and it is due to kind people taking a stand for animals. 

Next Step for Hens 

Now that Bidfood NZ has produced a cage-free commitment, the natural next step is for other foodservice companies across New Zealand to join the cage-free movement. For some time now, Service Foods has communicated to SAFE that it is happy to make a cage-free pledge, but it has been slow to follow through with releasing an official cage-free policy. Join SAFE in asking Service Foods to take the next step and officially position Service Foods as going cage-free!  

Take Action 

Visit Service Foods’ Facebook page and leave a polite public post asking it to name a date and officially commit to going cage-free!  




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