News Media releases Greyhound with untreated pressure ulcers euthanised

Greyhound with untreated pressure ulcers euthanised

September 16th, 2022

A greyhound trainer has been disqualified for two years for failing to seek treatment for a greyhound. It’s another example that shows the racing industry is still failing to protect dogs.

During an audit on 27 June 2022, Racing Integrity Board inspectors found Jetsun Singer suffering from pressure ulcers, which were left to deteriorate to the point that underlying muscle and tissue were exposed. A foul smell indicated significant dead tissue was present.

The veterinary report noted that the greyhound suffered “ongoing significant pain,” and that the trainer failed to seek veterinary advice despite knowing that the wounds were worsening. The trainer instead treated the greyhound with his own antibiotics that had previously been prescribed to him by his doctor. Jetsun Singer was subsequently euthanised due to the severity of her wounds.

SAFE Campaigns Manager Anna de Roo said the trainer has been let off with minimal charges.

“There should have been tougher penalties considering the severity of the case resulted in the suffering and death of an animal,” said de Roo.

“Meanwhile, the greyhound racing industry’s bleak animal welfare record continues to persist. Issues have been identified across the board, both on the racetrack and in kennels.”

In the previous racing season that ended 31 July 2022, 39% of greyhounds had sustained injuries on the track.

In May, the RIB said it had issued 300 warnings for health and welfare failures in less than a year, noting that “almost all” kennels had been issued improvement notices.

Last month, two trainers were banned from greyhound racing for two years after inspectors found 15 greyhounds living in what they called “abhorrent conditions”. They were standing in their own excrement, food and waste had not been cleared away, and the greyhounds had excrement through their coats.

“This industry has had countless opportunities to clean up its act. The non-stop reports of neglect, injuries and deaths should warrant an immediate ban on greyhound racing.”


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