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Live cattle export to Indonesia disaster for animals

July 15th, 2015

Government moves to export live cattle to Indonesia will see horrific  suffering of New Zealand animals says animal advocacy group SAFE. New  Zealand’s intentions to invest in cattle breeding programs in Indonesia  could see a large number of New Zealand cattle exported to a country  known for its brutal slaughter practices.


Undercover investigations in Indonesia led to a halt of Australian  cattle exports after it was found that animals were abused and tortured  during the slaughter process. The trade was restarted after assurances  were given about improved practices but a subsequent undercover  investigation revealed ongoing cruelty and dozens of animal welfare  breaches were again recorded.


“Our government keeps pretending that sending animals overseas for  breeding is somehow different than sending them for slaughter, which is  illegal,” says SAFE executive director Hans Kriek. “But the reality is  that these ‘breeding’ animals will be slaughtered after a few years in a  manner deemed cruel and illegal in New Zealand.”


“Indonesian slaughter practices do not require the animals to be stunned  before they are killed. This means that our cattle will have their  throats cut while fully conscious and their suffering will be  appalling.”


“Plans to export cattle to Indonesia follows moves to export large  numbers of sheep to Saudi Arabia showing that our Government is happy to  ignore serious animal welfare issues as long as they see a buck in it,”  says Mr Kriek.


SAFE will fight any plans to export live animals and believes that this  trade will damage New Zealand’s reputation as a responsible exporter.


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