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SAFE strikes for the climate

SAFE strikes for the climate

October 18th, 2019

This Friday, 27 September, is a Global Strike organised by the School Strike for Climate (SS4C) movement. Already this year SS4C NZ have organised two national strikes where school and university students around the country have walked out of school to protest the inaction on climate change.

On Friday 20 September, millions of people around the world took part in a global protest calling for climate action, from New York to Paris, Nairobi, Seoul, Bangkok, Islamabad, Johannesburg and our neighbours in Australia. This Friday it is happening in New Zealand and SS4C NZ is encouraging everyone to strike.

This strike is especially important to us because the treatment of animals and the treatment of the planet are interconnected. Billions of animals are farmed globally every year, the majority of these in factory farms. Not only does this system cause immense suffering for animals, it is also extremely destructive for the planet.

Sea level rise, increased weather events and forest fires put everyone at risk. And according to the United Nations, we only have 12 years to take drastic and effective action if we want to prevent catastrophic climate disaster.

In New Zealand half of our greenhouse gas emissions are produced by farming animals. Responding to the climate emergency requires transformational change. It will mean converting animal agriculture towards plant-based agriculture.

As part of the general strike, SAFE will close all our offices and our staff and volunteers will be joining the strikes in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. 

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