News Media releases Racing Integrity Board shields top greyhound trainer from animal cruelty charges

Racing Integrity Board shields top greyhound trainer from animal cruelty charges

October 6th, 2022

Top greyhound trainer John McInerney has escaped charges on a technicality following the Racing Integrity Board’s (RIB) investigation into 11 greyhounds taken to a Christchurch rehoming facility earlier this year.
The RIB found that one dog had an injury that should have been diagnosed earlier, and subsequently needed two partial toe amputations. But since the dog was deregistered from racing in late 2021, it was decided that McInerney was no longer subject to a charge under the greyhound racing health and welfare standards.
McInerney saw no charges for the remaining 10 dogs.
SAFE Head of Investigations Will Appelbe said the rules of racing should not shield trainers from the Animal Welfare Act.
“We’re extremely disappointed that this matter wasn’t referred to the SPCA,” said Appelbe.
“Whether or not a dog is a registered racing greyhound is neither here nor there. Not seeking treatment for an injured animal is a breach of the Act.”
Newshub revealed earlier this year that a number of McInerney’s dogs were handed over to a rehoming kennel showing severe signs of neglect and mistreatment. This included blindness, open wounds, bite marks from other dogs, injuries that were old and left untreated, lacerations, and severe worms.
“The greyhound racing industry has been told to make improvements, but that can’t happen without accountability which is sorely lacking. At this stage, the only option for the Government is to ban greyhound racing.”


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