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The following are our photos available for publishing by the media. Please credit SAFE (or other third parties where specified) in exchange for the use of these photos.

Winter Crop Grazing, 2019

Winter Crop Grazing


Chickens bred for meat

Chickens bred for meat


Wakanui Feedlot 2018



Live Export Exposé - April 2019

Sri Lanka Live Export Exposé


New Zealand Rodeo

New Zealand Rodeo


New Zealand Dairy Industry Cruelty November 2015

Dairy industry


Pigs: Farrowing Crates

Farrowing Crates


Colony Cage Farm, New Zealand, April 2016

Cage Eggs


Live Export Shipment Napier Feb 2017

Live export


To see our full gallery of photos for media use, please visit our Flickr account.
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