A Chat With… Debra Ashton, chief executive of animal organisation SAFE

February 26th, 2022
Anti-farming, anti-NZ, traitor: those are just some of the names Debra Ashton has been called. But the chief executive of SAFE admits the passion she has for animals, and for making their lives better, far outweighs any personal cost. Ashton (Te Āti Haunui-a-Pāpārangi) lives in Wellington with her husband Joe...

SAFE launches hotline to expose animal cruelty

September 5th, 2022
Animal rights charity SAFE has today launched 0800 EXPOSE, a supportive programme to provide witnesses of animal abuse a confidential means to report information. Witnesses can use a hotline or web form to share their concerns when they see animals abused on farms or in their community. Read more

‘Animals continue to suffer amid calls from agri-business to delay winter grazing’

August 31st, 2022
Federated Farmers, DairyNZ and Beef + Lamb NZ want intensive winter grazing regulations delayed yet again. Intensive winter grazing regulations were meant to come into effect in May 2021, but were initially delayed until May 2022, only to be further delayed to November 2022. SAFE CEO Debra Ashton said the...

Plan to replace the Manukau greyhound racetrack with an athletics facility a “once-in-a-generation opportunity”

August 25th, 2022
Plan to replace the Manukau greyhound racetrack with an athletics facility a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” Source: SAFE For Animals — SAFE is lending its support to the Manukau Sports Bowl draft plan, which proposes an athletics track and field facility replacing the greyhound racetrack. Read more

‘No way to treat a mother’ – lifting the lid on the dairy industry’s dirty little secret

August 18th, 2022
Will Appelbe and Courtney White are joined by SAFE Campaigns Officer, Emma Brodie, to discuss a little-known practice taking place behind slaughterhouse doors across the country. They also discuss concerns about the response from MPI into sheep welfare on

SAFE ‘takes aim at agriculture’s callous secret – foetal bovine serum’

August 10th, 2022
SAFE intends to end the production of foetal bovine serum (FBS), which is the aim of the charity’s open letter which calls for a ban on the slaughter of pregnant cows in Aotearoa. Largely unfamiliar to the public, FBS is produced from blood harvested from unborn calves. Read more

MPI’s response to dead sheep dumped among gorse bushes ‘inadequate’ – SAFE

August 5th, 2022
SAFE has obtained evidence of about seven dead sheep in various stages of decomposition dumped among gorse bushes in a paddock near Templeton, Christchurch. Another sheep was found dead near the edge of the paddock. The paddock shares a fence with Globe Bay Reserve and is surrounded by residential property....

Rodeo cowboys miss the point of a recent High Court decision

August 5th, 2022
Will Appelbe is joined by new co-host Courtney White, to discuss live export, the recent High Court decision on rodeo, and the SPCA's call to ban the long term chaining of dogs.

Failed cattle shipment exposes live exports’ inherent flaws

August 4th, 2022
Failed cattle shipment exposes live exports’ inherent flaws Source: SAFE For Animals — A planned export of 12,300 cattle organised by Genetic Development Exports Limited Partnership failed after the livestock carrier Al Kuwait broke down en route to Aotearoa. Read more

High Court sends the question of rodeo back to the NAWAC – SAFE For Animals

July 29th, 2022
In a High Court decision released today, Justice Churchman found errors and procedural defects in the Government’s process when reissuing the rodeo code of welfare in 2018. While the Court declined to make a ruling on the legality of rodeo, the Court has dismissed the judicial review sought by the...

‘NAWAC must recommend a ban on colony cages in the next code of welfare’

July 20th, 2022
The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) has confirmed that the poultry codes of welfare will be the next to be reviewed. This includes the codes of welfare for layer hens, chickens bred for their meat, and breeder birds. SAFE has been calling for an urgent review of the layer...

Cowboys in Court

July 19th, 2022
Last week, the New Zealand Animal Law Association and SAFE challenged the legality of rodeo at the High Court. This is the second time the two organisations have taken the Government to court, and the results of that first court case has caused headaches
What’s Wrong with Rodeo in NZ?

What’s Wrong with Rodeo in NZ?

July 8th, 2022
I filmed my first rodeo, solo, in 2013. These events were held on beautiful sunny days, with country music playing, relaxed crowds and announcers cracking jokes. I sat up on the bank while kids ran about, hot chips were eaten and people chatted and laughed. Stop right there, and this...

Next week the legality of rodeo will be challenged in court – SAFE

July 7th, 2022
The New Zealand Animal Law Association (NZALA) and SAFE say rodeo activities violate the Animal Welfare Act 1999. NZALA and SAFE’s case against the Agriculture Minister and the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee will be heard on 11 and 12 July 2022 at the Wellington High Court. Read more
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