Animals in Need

The Experiments.

Animal testing

Animal experimentation (vivisection), causes suffering to millions of animals. Estimates put the figure at over 115 million animals experimented on worldwide.

Animal-based experiments are cruel and exploitative. Animals are deprived of everything natural to them - they can't explore, run, scavenge, hunt, or choose a mate. As they are kept in small cramped cages, their behaviour is severely restricted, causing psychological problems - this is on top of the painful, terrifying experimentation they may endure.

Cosmetic testing

Globally, crude and painful experiments continue to be carried out on thousands of animals to test new cosmetics and household products or their ingredients. Many of these products are for sale in New Zealand.

View the new SAFE Shopper guide to help you avoid products tested on animals and find out more about the campaign to ban cosmetic testing.

Beagle experiments

Beagles are the preferred breed of experimenters because of their gentle, trusting nature.

SAFE led a campaign against the largest beagle breeding facility in New Zealand, Valley Animal Research Centre (VARC), which provided animals for research, and also conducted invasive experiments on the premises. It has since closed down.

Agribusiness animal testing

Contrary to what many may believe, much animal research in New Zealand is not conducted to develop life saving drugs, most of it is aimed at increasing the profits of animal agricultural industries. Every year agricultural chemicals, vaccines and other veterinary products are tested on animals, done to increase economic yields rather than to benefit the welfare of animals. Farm animals are experimented on to make them grow faster, have more babies, use their food more efficiently, or to change the quality of their milk.

SAFE has also consistently spoken out against cruel genetic modification and cloning experiments.

Genetic modification (also called genetic engineering or GE) is experimental and has raised safety and cultural issues all over the world. Most consumers do not want it. SAFE believes we cannot afford to compromise New Zealand’s clean, green reputation, cause widespread animal suffering and put New Zealanders at needless risk for the sake of greed and wishful thinking.

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