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Despite the fact there is widespread opposition and disgust at cosmetic testing some companies choose to continue performing horrendous tests.

These include big brands

L’Oreal, Avon, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Revlon, MAC and Maybelline, along with Dove, Neutrogena, Pantene, Olay and Head and Shoulders.

The main reason they continue to test are:

  • A desire to produce new eye catching cosmetics for advertising purposes and a belief that innovative products requires animal testing. Cruelty-free companies innovate whilst avoiding animal testing.
  • An ambition to increase profit by breaking into newer cosmetics markets, such as China, which may require new animal testing by law. In 2014 China’s ban on animal testing for locally manufactured products began. Unfortunately it did not include products imported INTO China.

Hundreds of companies — including LUSH, Natures Organics and The Body Shop and many others listed on the SAFEshopper List — have sworn off animal testing, yet still produce new, safe and fabulous beauty products. They do so by choosing from among more than 8,000 widely available raw ingredients that have been tested in the past, instead of purchasing newly developed chemicals that will also have been newly animal-tested.

Buying products not tested on animals is an easy and proactive way to show you are against the needless torture and killing of animals to produce cosmetics and household products.

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