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SAFE Board member Tim Groenendaal has headed over to Ukraine to help animals adversely affected by the war.

He has teamed up with animal rights organisation UAnimals, a registered animal rights charity based in Ukraine, and is raising funds to support their work.

He’s created Animals for Animals as a simple way for companion animals and their carers to show their support for other animals in Ukraine.

Tim says there is a lot of work to do to help animals right now and there will be a lot more to do in the coming months and years. Shelters will need rebuilding, long-term care for displaced animals will be required and support to reunite animals with their carers will be a huge task.

SAFE is proud of Tim’s efforts in Ukraine. Click the link below if you would like to donate to this work.

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Follow Tim's mission by following on instagram! Tim has already shared stories about his journey from New Zealand to Ukraine as well as some sobering insights into what the situation is currently like in an active warzone for the animals and the people helping them. You can also find GIFs and stickers to show your support in your instagram stories by searching @animalsforanimals in the sticker finder.

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