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Choosing to leave chicken off your plate is one of the most powerful actions you can take to make a positive difference for animals in Aotearoa. Take the Chicken-Free Challenge to discover how easy and delicious choosing a chicken-friendly lifestyle can be!


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Getting started

If choosing chicken-free is completely new to you, then our chicken-swaps page is a great place to start! You'll soon discover that there are some incredible products and delicious ways to swap out the chicken in your meals for kinder options.

For the chickens

Over 120 million chickens are bred and killed for their meat every year in Aotearoa, the majority spending their lives in overcrowded, windowless sheds. These gentle and intelligent birds have been selectively bred to grow at an extremely rapid rate, which means they reach 'slaughter weight' while they are still chicks, at just six weeks old.

For your health

Due to the conditions in which chickens are kept, the majority of chickens killed for meat in Aotearoa are given antibiotics almost every day of their lives, contributing to antibiotic resistance and the threat this poses towards public health. Being a source of both cholesterol and saturated fats, eating chicken is also contributing to one of Aotearoa's most prominent health issues - heart disease.
Thankfully there are far healthier proteins that we can choose to pile up our plates with, all the while helping spare the lives of chickens.

Delicious chicken-free recipes

Kentucky Fried Cauliflower
Sunfed 'chicken' satay bowl
Pad Thai
Seitan fried 'chicken'
Chickpea curry
Marinated tempeh and tabouleh bowl
Pumpkin and chickpea tagine
Chickpea patties
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