Demand that cameras and observers are compulsory on New Zealand commercial fishing boats

Take action Demand that cameras and observers are compulsory on New Zealand commercial fishing boats
Take action

Demand that cameras and observers are compulsory on New Zealand commercial fishing boats

We need cameras on all fishing boats, period. We also need independent observers on all vessels to stamp out common practices that, research shows, are killing protected species.

The fishing lobby has fought very successfully to ensure that cameras and observers do not stand in their way. They’ve also implemented training and other voluntary measures that look good on paper but which are a poor replacement for meaningful legislation.

We need our Government to be brave and stand up for sea life. This includes the protected maui dolphin, as well as beautiful sea birds like albatross. Everyone knows this needs to happen. If these threatened species are to continue to grace the oceans of Aotearoa, we need urgent action.

Demand cameras and observers on commercial fishing boats

Write a polite email to the Minister for Fisheries, Hon Stewart Nash, and let him know why you support the need for compulsory cameras and observers on New Zealand commercial fishing boats.

Key points you can make:

  • Urgent action is needed before it’s too late, protect our unique sea life by making observers and cameras compulsory on New Zealand commercial fishing boats.
  • The future of New Zealand’s protected species and sea life depend on your actions right now, observers and cameras on commercial fishing boats cannot be delayed any further.
  • It should not be left up to animal and environmental protection organisations to expose and investigate negligent fishing practices.
  • Without transparency and accountability, commercial fishing companies will continue to decimate our sea life and protected species.
  • The continued delay of compulsory observers and cameras on New Zealand commercial fishing boats is causing immeasurable harm to our native sea life. We need urgent action now to ensure the survival of our protected species.
  • Over the past two years, 2200 protected species were reported to have been killed or injured by the commercial fishing industry. Without compulsory cameras and observers on fishing boats there is no way to truly measure the number of animals being harmed. We need urgent action now, this cannot be delayed any longer.

This email will be sent directly to Hon Stewart Nash. Emails are public information, if you would like to withhold any of your information please write so in your email.

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