Take action Shut down Spencer Park

Shut Down Spencer Park  

 New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act outlines the rights of animals to sufficient food and water, protection from disease, appropriate handling, adequate shelter and the opportunity to display normal patterns of behaviour. 

Unfortunately, an animal park run by Christchurch City Council is leaving rabbits, ducks, chickens and other birds without many of these fundamental rights. 

Animals are routinely being denied adequate access to clean water, food and healthcare, and left in barren, unsafe conditions.  

One rabbit, Fred, had to be seized by Christchurch Rabbit Rescue due to severe neglect. Fred was found in critical condition, living in his own excrement. Fred is sadly still suffering from stress-induced heart problems and acute dehydration. Another eyewitness found birds that were so hungry, they began attacking and eating each other. 

Christchurch City Council is failing to adequately provide for the animals in their care, despite several requests for change by animal welfare agencies.   

No more chances. Help us close the doors on Spencer Park for good. 

Take action 

Urge Mayor Mauger and Christchurch City Council to shut down Spencer Park  

 After failing to act on multiple animal welfare complaints over several years, SAFE is urging Mayor Mauger and the Councillors of Christchurch City to shut down the animal facilities at Spencer Park.  

To ensure that the animals receive the care they deserve, local rescue groups have kindly offered to rehabilitate the remaining animals.

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