Caged Being – A social experiment

May 18th, 2017
40 People, 40 Hours; Caged!   At 10pm on  June 2nd 40 people will say goodbye to their creature comforts and enter  a 56.2 square meter cage inside a disused shop in Ponsonby, to raise  awareness of the biggest animal welfare issue of our time – factory  farming. The ‘Caged...

Winners announced! All life matters colouring competition

May 15th, 2017
Thanks to everyone who entered our All Life  Matters colouring competition. As always there were some amazing entries  and it was really hard to pick just six winning entries. Our six winners, who will receive a prize pack each worth $150, are: Clara (13)     Jydee (14)    ...

NZ cattle shipped to an unknown fate

April 28th, 2017
Another shipment of thousands of New Zealand  cattle has left to go to a country with some of the weakest animal  welfare laws in the world. It departed from Napier on 28 April on the  Gudali Express bound for China. We know MPI received a request to export 3200 cows...

Racing funding boost is no help to animals

April 28th, 2017
Greyhounds used for racing are placed at high  risk of being injured or killed on the track, while hundreds are  discarded every year when no longer fast enough to make money. Just like  horseracing, the greyhound racing industry is based on financial  return: prize money for the race winners and...

10 veggies a day can save your life

April 24th, 2017
New research from Imperial College London found that if you want to  reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and early death, you’ll  need to pile on the veggies. The study analysed 95 other pieces of research on populations  worldwide and their fruit and vegetable intake. It estimates that...

Plant-based better for health – NZ study

April 24th, 2017
Want a slimmer waistline – and to eat what you want, without exercising? No problem! A Kiwi study published in the international scientific journal Nutrition and Diabetes found  that an all-you-can-eat, whole food, plant-based diet can help you  lower your cholesterol, fight type-2 diabetes and trim down. The average participant lost...
Animal-based research and a plant-based diet – the links

Animal-based research and a plant-based diet – the links

April 24th, 2017
Guest blogger Helen Marston is Chief Executive Officer of Humane Research Australia (HRA).  She has been with HRA since the start of 2005, and prior to that worked  for Animals Australia and produced a TV program about animal welfare  and rights issues. Founded in 1979, HRA is an Australian not for...

Why I choose to be plant-powered

April 21st, 2017
Guest blogger Aaron Brunet won Masterchef NZ in 2013 with  his creative and wholesome approach to food. He writes a plant-based  food column in the NZ Herald Bite magazine and is excited about the  future of super-healthy food. As a plant-powered guy, Aaron is one of  the new breed of passionate foodies...

YOUR campaign to set hens free

April 12th, 2017
It started with a Facebook post, and it ended with victory for caring New Zealanders and 400,000 hens. The writing really is on the wall for the cage egg industry now  Countdown has become the first New Zealand supermarket, and first major  retailer, to join the global revolution to free...

New national campaign for hens

April 6th, 2017
Globally, retailers are realising that cage  eggs are too cruel for sale, with phase-outs underway internationally on  a huge scale. The cage egg industry is truly in free-fall in New Zealand now  Countdown has become the first supermarket, and first major retailer on  our shores, to join the global revolution...

How YOU put an end to Richmond Rodeo

April 3rd, 2017
The Nelson SAFE Volunteer Group is  celebrating after hard work and perseverance in their campaign against  rodeo cruelty finally paid off, with the recent announcement that  Richmond Rodeo would be cancelled. In a multi-pronged campaign, the group organised peaceful protests,  wrote to local newspapers, distributed leaflets, collected petition  signatures, and...

Animals in factory farms school textbook launched

April 3rd, 2017
Thanks to your support, the fifth issue in  the Animals & Us secondary school textbook series, Animals in  Factory Farms, was formally launched at the Grey Lynn Library Hall in  Auckland on 3rd March. The event was attended by educators, students and some of our  generous supporters who contributed to...
Historic win for hens as Countdown goes cage-free

Historic win for hens as Countdown goes cage-free

March 29th, 2017
Countdown, 1 March: “it is critical that Countdown continues to offer its customers a  choice of eggs and affordable options….we will continue to have a range  of eggs so that customers can choose what suits their budget or  preference,” Countdown, 28 March: “We will be going 100% cage-free in the...

Major win for ‘People Power’ as first supermarket chain goes cage-free

March 29th, 2017
Animal advocacy organisation SAFE is delighted that supermarket  chain Countdown has announced it will stop selling all cage eggs from  2024 (North Island) and 2025 (rest of New Zealand). The decision is a  massive win for caring Kiwis, who have been inundating Countdown with  thousands of messages via social media...
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