News Blog Articles Calf suffers suspected broken neck after roping in Australian rodeo
Calf suffers suspected broken neck after roping in Australian rodeo

Calf suffers suspected broken neck after roping in Australian rodeo

November 26th, 2018

SAFE is renewing calls for an urgent ban on the use of baby animals in rodeo after a young calf suffered a suspected broken neck in Australia.

Footage was captured at the National Rodeo Association Final in Caboolture, Queensland on Saturday November 24, where a calf was injured during the rope and tie event. An audible snap could be heard, suggesting the calf’s neck was broken by being lassoed.

SAFE Head of Campaigns, Marianne Macdonald says it was only a matter of time until another animal was injured this rodeo season.

“This is sickening. If the calf’s neck was broken, it’s likely it was killed. No evidence has come from the Australian National Rodeo Association to suggest otherwise,” says Ms Macdonald.

“Rodeo events put animals in considerable danger. It is no place for any animal, especially a baby.”

“The recent National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) report on rodeos said that rope & tie events have ‘substantial negative impacts’ for animals. The New Zealand Rodeo Code of Welfare’s recommended best practice says calves should not be used in rodeo. This footage illustrates why.”

Prior to the election, the New Zealand Labour party promised a range of proposed changes to the Rodeo Code of Welfare if they were elected, including a ban on the use of young calves in rodeo.

“How many more animals have to be tormented before the Government takes action to protect our vulnerable calves that are abused and terrified for their lives. This is bullying and animal abuse in the name of so called ‘entertainment’ for a minority.”

“We demand the Government urgently bans the use of calves under 12 months old to protect baby animals from senseless cruelty.”

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