News Blog Articles EU Committee calls for ban on live exports – SAFE demands NZ Government follows suit
EU Committee calls for ban on live exports – SAFE demands NZ Government follows suit

EU Committee calls for ban on live exports – SAFE demands NZ Government follows suit

January 27th, 2019

SAFE has reiterated its demand for the New Zealand Government to ban all live exports, following calls in the European Union to clamp down on cruel live animal exports.

On January 25 2019, the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee called for a ban on live animal exports that don’t meet the EU animal welfare standards, in their new report on the implementation of the law protecting animals during transport.

Live export of animals for slaughter has been banned in New Zealand since 2003, yet export for breeding continues. SAFE Head of Campaigns Marianne Macdonald said the Government is falling behind on the live export issue.

“Thousands of animals are exported by sea every year to countries whose animal treatment may not meet New Zealand standards. Animals are being sent to far-flung countries, where untold horrors could await them,” said Ms Macdonald.

“All animals exported for breeding purposes will ultimately be killed in their country of destination, potentially by methods too cruel to be deemed legal in New Zealand.”

Live exports were again in the spotlight after SAFE received reports of serious welfare concerns in Sri Lanka where New Zealand exported 2,000 animals in 2017. SAFE passed on this information to Minister for Primary Industries, Damien O’Connor.

“Animals transported on live export ships can suffer from extreme exhaustion and dehydration as a lack of water and high temperatures take their toll. Rough seas can cause significant stress to those animals as they’re flung around the rocking ship,” said Ms Macdonald.

“It’s time that the Government closes the loophole on live animal export for breeding purposes and bans all exports of live animals.”

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